Thursday, August 07, 2003

.:All Smiles? Not Really:.

Oh, is it time for my happy post now?

I'm sorry. There really is no room for me to be overtly happy at this point, but I'm also a wee bit too preoccupied with so many things I've been doing for me to likewise go and mope around, blaming God for all that's not well in my life. I hate letting wounds fester, but I guess that's what I have to do here right now, seeing how everyone else I've been asking about my predicament were telling me that I did the right thing, it's just that I was misconstrued. Well, tough luck for this jabroni, eh? My relations with certain other people have also been strained due to this. There's one particularly nasty casualty that comes to mind, and I'm saddened because it could've been altogether avoided... I guess that's why I hesitated about it in the first place. Instincts. Why can't they ever be freaking wrong?

Wednesday? Well, Wednesday was fine. I was still reeling from the effects of a lot of reviewing for my Philosophy long test (A relatively easy one...) on Monday, then taking it on Tuesday, AND preparing for a report in class about David Hume and the problem of evil. I was fully intent on imitating Dr. Barbazza, and I think I was well-equipped to do just that... nonetheless, I'm pretty fine with everything there, though it sure hampered my review for History and Theology.

That's why those two said long tests were certainly long tests I really had a difficult time dealing with. You can certainly say that I really wished I had more time to breathe and deal with them, but no, I was denied, and I'm worried about my A's again... these are two subjects I could easily ace, given more time, and if you're wondering why I'm so freaking grade-conscious again, with Cum Laude so within my grasp now, failing to get A's in these would completely shatter the hold I'm beginning to have on it, which is certainly sad, seeing how I've been working so hard to do these things right.

I never wanted to be this grade-conscious in the first place, but kung nandyan na nga, tatanggihan mo pa ba?

The tests were not that difficult, given ample time, but they were certainly challenging. It was unlikely for anyone to ace the tests yesterday with ease, seeing how the questions, particularly the non-essay ones in both tests, were all rather tricky.

I completely missed Ekai's meeting up with the rest of the Pantheon... (I feel lazy right now, so don't ask me to add all those links yet.) while I did tell her I will be there, she assumed I will be there for her regardless what time she decided to show up, which wasn't possible for me. I had two long tests, after all... ah, well. Nonetheless, she didn't need my presence there, either. It looks like she managed to work things out with them once and for all, and I hope that this is the end of the cold war.

Braving rain and wind, I got to La Salle around two or so in the afternoon, and I didn't go to the arcade before the brownout ocurred, so I didn't get to play a single game. Ah, well. I found Sam, Maia, Mac, and Cy (Maia's brother.), who was surrounded by groupies again. While the aura emanating from the jabronis was quite serene, I knew that they still had to get some things off their chests regarding what happened before I got there, and I suppose it's all right. I was just sharing some comedy moments with them, such as the misheard lyrics and the honeymoon songs, and Mel (She said I shouldn't call her Noey...) arrived shortly thereafter. Pretty slow day, actually, considering that I really couldn't talk about what I was feeling at the moment, and neither could they, actually.

Isis was there, and so were Charles and Voltz. Not much from that front, really. I was showing off the world title I took along with me, and it sure looked very impressive... Dani was there last. Lots of innuendo again, but I swear, this wasn't a great day, because I was too subdued to do anything extraordinary. I couldn't be as sad as I wanted to, I couldn't be as happy as I wished to. It was really blah from my side, and I guess only my jokes were selling any better than the merchandise at McDonald's...

Took Maia straight to the dorm. There wasn't much time for talk, but at least it was compensated for by a nice ride in the FX instead of the really short time we spend (All three of us: Me, Mac, and Mai. 3M.) when we're taking the LRT-MRT route.

Today, I finally settled my report for Philo... well, let's just say I'm glad people got the joke and the symbolism. I think I managed to do a decent job of imitating Dr. Barbazza...

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