Wednesday, August 13, 2003

A few people I’ve spoken to in the past few days… I suppose I won’t mention their names, but it’d be fairly obvious who they are…

I spoke to this person some time ago, and that person simply made me laugh. He was my teacher some time ago, and I told him how I would’ve liked having him as a thesis adviser because it would’ve been nice to be thesis partners with someone I know. A few days later, he ends up asking me, “Kailan ba kayo nag-break?” There was a gap in logic there somewhere, but I guess I couldn’t blame him for filling it in with such an assumption… heh. I guess I should stop there while it’s still funny.

I told this situation to someone I know, and she was laughing her head off, too. Well, just call me the ex that never was… anyways, I’m glad that while she has no idea how to help me whatsoever in certain things as she is completely out of whatever issues I may be in, she at least is willing to listen to me and understand me. To be able to joke with her about the past like that makes it easier on me, while I would admit that I sometimes catch myself reminiscing. Overall, it’s far better than merely repressing it, which is obviously not going to solve anything at all. I’m glad that she understood me when I told her I’d rather stop while it was still funny… she’s really making it easy on me, because it’s a given for me to really stop and look back from time to time, and I’ve no idea how to go about and changing it any time soon.

Then, I finally managed to pick up the courage and speak to this other person. What happened? Oh, she had a test the following day. So did I, but I felt it was imperative we settled an issue almost a year old already… yeah, yeah. Whatever, jabroni.

I also had to set my spine in place as I tried to speak to another person. Am I glad I started to work things out with this person. Yes, we need time, and while things aren’t going all too well at this point, at least we’re making progress, and we’re coming to understand one another better. I think that really will help in beginning the healing process.

Another person I know seemed to be avoiding me lately. Fearful for a cold war, I ended up feeling rather pained about it. I’m glad I managed to resolve that issue. At least, since I’m taking the person’s word for it, it’s just because that person was overtly busy, and not because that person was actually avoiding me…

A certain person I know celebrated her birthday yesterday. I’m sure we all know who she is. Happy birthday, jabroni.

There was this other person I spoke to just yesterday, and I’m glad I spoke to her in person. Here I was, hoping to talk about MY problems, and the opposite happened: we talked about HERS. Was it bad? Of course not. I felt so much better, knowing that I made her feel better by being there to listen, and I guess lately, it’s hard to find people willing to listen when they think you’re some kind of Superwoman by default. As soon as she started singing her boyfriend’s praises about how understanding and loving he was, I just had to say, “That’s my man.” ::laughs maniacally::

Actually, the funny part is, I could've possibly not found her in her university at all. She wasn't at her dorm, and I was already on my way back home when I suddenly ran into her. The chances of that happening were infinitesmally small...

Dinner with this person was fine. Mang Jimmy’s actually proved to be a great choice, as the food was great, though the sisig sure left a lot to be desired. Nonetheless, it was a good time, great conversation, and I really felt a lot better listening to her talk than ranting needlessly about my own drama, which wouldn’t have made me feel better, anyway. Thank goodness it turned out that way. Hilariously enough, on our way back, we realized that we forgot to pay, and even the people at the restaurant didn’t realize it. We quickly returned to cough up the money… we were laughing our heads off on the way back, knowing we could’ve gotten away with it had we been a bit more forgetful or evil…

Finally, there’s this person I’ve been in love with for nearly four years now. She’s been the constant source of inspiration, she’s been my strength, and she’s taught me so many things I really needed to learn about myself and my own capabilities. She is truly my bright ray of sunshine, my reason to smile. Nobody expected us to last this long (Not even us!), but we’re glad we did. We’re thankful we did. She’s the one person who can understand me when everyone else begins to think about how pathetic or hopeless I am. The one person who’s willing to believe in me when I am at the depths of despair. The one person I am willing to do the same for at the drop of a hat.

You know who she is. I’ll give you a clue. Her name is Grace.

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