Thursday, August 14, 2003

I was longing for this day... I needed a respite from all the harrowing things I've been going through the past few days... I suppose I've been feeling so drained and out ouf it, and after sticking around with Ato and Kendra for a few minutes, I went ahead to go to DLSU...

Well, so what happened? For one, I put on a mini-magic show, and all with a DLSU Discipline Officer trying to police me from "playing" cards. Right, jabroni. Do my eyes deceive me, or are we playing with a deck full of Kings of Clubs? Nonetheless (Again, I'm feeling a bit too lazy to attach links, so bear with me for now.), I enjoyed being in the company of Maia, Sam, and Noey. It was a pretty fun time, honestly, and one of the tricks I was doing was something that I tried only on the day itself. I was immensely surprised that I managed to pull it off quite well... nonetheless, people were talking about random topics, as it was clear coherence wasn't going to be the order of the day.

It was a fairly slow day but I was glad I was there, regardless. Maia was really fine to talk to, and we had quite a good number of jokes and all. Even when Maia was already on the verge of tears, Ijust had to point out to her that giving her a part in a Pugad Baboy cosplaying spectacle was next to impossible quickly got her back to the ground. I dunno, but I felt immensely good there. I hardly griped about anything, though I was grateful Isis actually wanted to hear about my uber-long story regarding Abby... a tale I really feel is worth telling only to people who matter now... which explains why I speak less and less about her.

Got a meeting in RX this Saturday for Radio 1. Orientation, I guess.

It was pretty late when I got home, and I was trying to help *jaded* out for something... least I can do, I suppose. I completely missed meeting up with Jobert one more time before he went back to the States, but I guess that can't be helped... nonetheless, I was still glad that this Wednesday proved to be a good day. Dani was being really nice with us and Mac and all... it was a fun thing, though it was unfortunate we didn't find a single copy of Culture Crash... errgghh.

It's Thursday now, and I finally got my grad pics... really interesting. Luis saw my pics, and so did Abby and Imo. I saw Abby's pics, and I really feel I'd rather have her creative pic than her formal pic, because she looks better in the former. I hate to say it, but her HS grad pic looked better...

Of all things to argue about: my not seeing Mars and not crying a river about it.

It's time the both of us changed. Not apart, but together. We've been going around in very hurtful circles for the longest time, saying things without thinking about it and making mountains out of molehills. It's time we put a stop to it. Not apart, but together.

I still want to hold on, and I will. No question about that. I'm willing to work on where I am lacking, and I believe she feels the same...

And I do believe that this is all worth it.

We'll see this through, Grace. I love you.

It's true, it's true.

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