Monday, August 25, 2003

When the only thoughts running through your head are thoughts certainly not meant for public consumption, then you realize...

It's time to take a break from blogging on a daily basis.

Marcelle, you're too drained already. Give yourself a rest from trying to prove to everyone your worth and all that cockamamie crud. You've given people your confidence in the hopes that they will not prove to be anything beyond conniving traitors, but alack and alas, Marcelle, you are put to shame once again.

Marcelle, people believe you're making mountains out of molehills. Is that true? I know for a fact that you're a reactional person by nature, Marcelle: not an instigator of ill will. I'm sure whatever your statements may have been were said in reaction to a previous transgression. Fact of the matter is, had things really been perfectly fine, you wouldn't even have spoken up at all...

And now your world has shrunk once again... how many friends do you intend to lose this time, Marcelle? These people seem to break your trust all the time, and seem to regard you with very little esteem... just perfect.

So how was your trip at Radio 1? Oh, right. You were fine, but being the noob you still were, nobody seemed to really like you... that's so you. I'm sure you would've given your arm and leg to be where people welcomed you better, but that's not going to happen. You're a classic example of a living, breathing, walking failure waiting to happen.

So for now, punk, just shut up. It's for your own good, Marcelle.

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