Saturday, August 16, 2003

"Kailangan mong mahasa ang sarili mo."

Mr. Bulaong was talking to me yesterday, after quite a while of being unable to converse with him in a more serious manner. He was telling me that Dr. Barbazza never even realized I was doing an impression of him until towards the end of the report, but anyways, that was secondary to what we really talked about.

It seems that the people I know in the Philo department really had their hopes up to see me get a minor in Philosophy.

To be honest, I really wanted to take a minor in Philosophy, but I realize that two things keep that from happening:

1. The risk of not getting a cum laude due to sub-par grades.
2. The additional semester I need to spend, not covered by my CAP.

With those two hindering me from getting a minor in Philosophy, I have no choice but to decline. However, I was intrigued by something Mr. Bulaong told me... an evaluation he passed onto Dr. Barbazza. See the quote above.

Apparently, he felt that I had, more than anything else, the mentality of a debater, and NOT a philosopher. So what's the difference?

"A philosopher looks for the truth. A debater can have the truth spitting in his eye, and he'd still be looking for a counterargument."

Makes sense to me, though I sincerely think that I know better than to persist debating on something I know to be true to me... but then, I'll chalk that up to their having more knowledge and experience than I do.

.:Assorted Musings:.

It's so tempting to jump on the trading bandwagon in RAW Deal. Unfortunately, I seem to be at a disadvantage, due to the fact that I'm overseas, and most people who have tempting trades are in the States... I wish someone can give me a good idea on a safe and affordable way to send cards to people, and hopefully receive it from them as well. I hate our postal system here, as they just LOVE opening up packages that have the remote chance of containing any money...

Lest I forget, it was Sacha's birthday last Tuesday, so belated happy 20th to her. She's got a blog now, so it seems. Still as geeky as ever...

My sister made it into this year's Hip Tribe, but I didn't. How sad... I needed the exposure. ::chuckles:: Seriously, it would've been great had I made it. Wish I sent better pictures...

Chico announced that his new buddies will be going on air next Saturday for Radio 1. That's good news to me, as that means I'll probably be going on air next Saturday, only at Manila's Hottest, RX 93.1. (Wow. Shameless self-promotion. I'm going for the cheap pop, eh?)

Bad news? I just might miss *jaded*'s birthday, assuming that I'm not yet persona non grata.

Either choice will be pretty troublesome... but that's the way life goes...

I was at this forum yesterday on the rebellion attempt. It's been such a tired old topic, and I feel that regardless of the grievances, let's stop being Machiavellian about this. The end DID NOT justify the means. Let's look into their complaints, but likewise, let's not overlook their own mistakes.

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