Thursday, August 28, 2003

25 August, 2003, Monday:

A particularly draining day, considering that this was hot on the heels of a so-called weekend I really didn’t get to enjoy much. Not much, really. I was simply doing the old deal with my classes, although I feel I pretty much screwed up my last quiz in Theology. I actually had a conversation with someone I had strained relations with recently, and while things are far from back to normal, the process has at least begun. I was able to keep myself from getting angry enough to really do something everyone else will regret (How monumental…), but I guess I still have a rather hurtful way with words that I really have to watch carefully. Things have been all so hurly-burly lately, and I realized, after being treated to my similar brand of sarcasm, that it certainly was anything but enjoyable. I was nearly an emotional wreck by the end of it, but then, I suppose that this much is clear: I’ve always been the one going out of my way to work things out. If people still feel that the things we once had are worth going back to, it’s time I let them make the effort. At least, I will know without a doubt that their desire to fix it is genuine and not just something my actions inadvertently coerced.

I suppose I decided to take a break at this point because my mind was just completely on the fritz at the time. I simply had no idea what to do with myself. I had this heavy feeling on my chest, I could hardly to talk to anyone whom I trusted enough (And didn’t feel problematic about bothering...), and I simply felt my world was imploding upon me. Emotions like these certainly do this jabroni no good at all.

Nevertheless, things moved on fine. OB has been hustling and bustling quite a deal lately, and I’m glad people have been rather active. The discussions have been enjoyable, and my penchant for comedy seems to have picked up a bit… more talk on wrestling, so I noticed. Beyond that, I guess it’s all fine. Of course, I do believe I left something there that wasn’t very desirable to see, considering the fact that people by now know what the chemical symbol of rust happens to be… at this point, though, I feel that it’s getting to be uncalled for, so that’s the end of THAT story.

26 August, 2003, Tuesday:

What else happened? More classes, that’s what. I’ve been so bogged down with stuff I had to do for school, especially with Philosophy, Theology, and my thesis. If I can just have three straight free days WITHOUT ANY DISTURBANCES OR DISTRACTIONS, I’m pretty sure I can finish the former two right off the bat, and make significant progress on the latter. Film class was interesting. I still scrounged up a 94 in spite of my being caught off-guard by some of the questions about Kramer vs. Kramer. Nonetheless, editing sounds like a perfectly fine topic in film, and I’m sure I can find all the examples he’s been asking me about.

Lately, though, things are looking good on the RAW Deal front. In spite of that, I think it’s high time I asked Rob to give me back all the cards he’s been borrowing from me. It’s not just the fact that he hasn’t really won anytime as of late. It’s actually more because of the fact that I haven’t taken proper inventory of the cards he’s been borrowing me to the point that I don’t want to get into sticky ownership issues with him when the time comes, AND he hasn’t paid me the money he owes me to this day. That’s a total of 600 bucks, which would’ve helped me in my quest to complete Team Angle, my next deck concept. I really want to make their deck, as it looks to be a very promising deck, what with their ability to control their opponent’s handsize while trying to take them down. They’re Backlash fodder, though, but that’s a small price to pay…

Dropped by Grace’s house, and it won’t be long before she’d ask me to just beat her bastich excuse for a brother to a bloody pulp. Irritating candy-@$$ refuses to let Grace use the unlimited internet account and his charger JUST BECAUSE GRACE REPRIMANDED HIM FOR NOT ANSWERING WAITING CALLS. I would’ve cussed this jabroni to the ground, but he and Grace share the same mother, so… never mind. Nonetheless, Grace was really nice, and I’m glad I managed to placate her after she heard that freaky scream from a certain website… she also likes my new avatar.

27 August, 2003, Wednesday:

This is the most ill-attended Wednesday meeting I’ve ever run into since my first time. We only had Maia, Dani, Cy, and two people who just really passed by : Charlie and Voltee. Everyone’s been busy, and while not much happened, I took it as my chance to practice my KOF. I’ve been having quite a good deal of success with my Choi Bounge, so it seems. Excellent and annoying little character, isn’t he? Billy Kane, Iori Yagami, Takuma Sakazaki, and Athena Asimaya were other staples that rotated around other characters who were a bit more on the experimental side for me, such as Vanessa and Orochi Shermie.

Got home earlier than usual, then finally managed to talk with Tsumenki. I guess I’m glad that we’re really beginning to work things out, after we finally settled on a truce, whose details I am not at a liberty to spill here. Talking to her on a normal basis has been such a boon to me, as I suddenly felt like a huge thorn in my chest has been plucked right out. I’d like to think that for all of our faults to each other, we still view the other as a great friend. I really hope so…

Some kid wants my Smackdown Tag belts for a bunch of rares. That’s out of the question, I say. He better include a foil or two… I’m at a complete disadvantage otherwise, even if he managed (And he can’t) to offer me three DTTAH’s…

Anyways, this has been a much better day. I actually trained in the morning for Chico and Delle in the Morning Rush. I gaffed a couple of times, as I forgot to turn the “Auto-On” switch to “Auto-Off”, which resulted in my accidentally playing commercials in the middle of a song. My Hot 10 answer to the topic: “How to tell your parents you’re gay” was ajudged as plain disturbing…

“Tay, ‘diba, sabi niyo dati na pag nalaman niyong bading ako, itatakwil niyo ako? Tapos, ‘diba sabi niyo rin na sa hitsura ko, kung nagkataong hindi niyo ako anak at babae ako, liligawan ninyo ako? Tay… puwede na.”

Er… I did warn you that it WAS disturbing. Stop ripping your eyes out, jabroni.

My gaffs even carried on to Theology class… as I was reading the second creation story in Filipino…

“At ang ikalawang ilog sa hardin… at ang ikatlong itlog na dumadaloy mula sa kanluran…”

The whole class couldn’t let me forget it.

But even beyond that, I had a lot of comedy moments in that class, and I managed to ask a question that wowed the class (Though of course, it was quickly answered by our teacher.)…

“Kung mahal ng Diyos ang lahat ng nilikha Niya, bakit ang mga Israelita lang ang Kanyang pinagpala ng lubusan?”

The answer? The Jews believed God’s message transcended time and space, anyway, so it was bound to be a blessing meant to be bestowed on everyone else in due time… ah, well.

Catch you next time, jabronis.

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