Monday, August 18, 2003

The weekend has been rough. In spite of nice conversations with Daf and Diane, Marcelle sure had a lot of problems, such as overspending… thankfully, he got quite a few good RAW Deal cards that he could use in his deck, though it would’ve been better to buy them individually and not by the pack. At the same time, he’s been having quite a lot of problems with timing, as Grace was beside herself in fury because while the meeting in RX for Radio 1 was going on, she was waiting outside, and she couldn’t bring herself to ring the doorbell. Marcelle ended up bearing the brunt of all that.

Then, this crud happens.

Marcelle is looking completely dejected right now… again, he never ceases to amaze himself… it’s quite clear that his whole life, he has never managed to find a friend who will really last, much less a best friend.

Now, when he thought things will finally be different, he is sincerely proven wrong. He lost yet another “best friend”, and this time around, it’s time Marcelle just stared in indignation and say: “No more”.

No more, jabroni.

No more going out on a limb for you who never really appreciates any of Marcelle’s efforts to begin with.

No more racking of Marcelle’s brains to come up with an answer for your questions and pleas for help, in exchange for being declared persona non grata.

No more feeling agony over you, who lies about committing suicide in hopes of eliciting a reaction from him.

No more putting too much trust too soon in people who end up exacerbating everything by figuring into the equation.

This is more than Marcelle could ever wish to bear. A rather clear declaration of war has been inked down, and Marcelle doesn’t intend to back down from it. People who have had the misfortune of seeing Marcelle angry know all too well by now that it’s not the smartest thing to do. The Phenom's Fury® is now knocking upon the door.

Unfortunately, people persist in driving Marcelle to use his rather… extreme… methodologies, and of course, he is all too happy to oblige. Jabroni, if you start this, Marcelle will most certainly be the one to end this, because he has had absolutely enough of being used and manipulated. You wanted to blow this out of proportion? Well, congratulations: you got yourself into a whole load of trouble with the Phenom. There is no chance in Hades for Marcelle to simply simmer and cool down because the main reason he never keeps grudges is either because they appease him, or their lives degrade into a limpid, pathetic mass unworthy of being begrudged in the first place.

Marcelle isn’t suicidal, but with all the people who don’t even give a flying freak that he’s still alive, it doesn’t really seem like much of a difference now, does it?

Marcelle wanted to be there, not out of any selfish reasons for his personal gain, but because he felt that you meant that much to him, that he was willing to swallow his pride and get on with the show. To Hades with being booted out of Radio 1 for not being there on his supposed on-air debut, which simply coincides on a certain day, jabroni. Marcelle was willing to give that up for you.

But no, that doesn’t matter to you, and while you’d go ahead and question Marcelle’s right to even expect anything, Marcelle exercises his right to finally get angry because of all this pain. Because people who attempt to manipulate Marcelle’s emotions by hitting him at his known weak spots never fail to earn his ire. Not even someone (Who must know who she is.) Marcelle once loved was spared from that fact, when she tried to do the same thing. Much less you. So if you wish to deny Marcelle his right to be angry over being hurt, used and manipulated for quite a good number of times, then you know where to go.

No more, jabroni. No more.

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