Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Ah, yes. Friday night was quite a night, though it came at the price of missing a GREAT episode of NWA-TNA, featuring Sting and Paul London. In spite of all that, I was pretty cool with Saturday, really, as I spent most of my time just online, and then headed off to a special class for Theology. Not much missed there, to be honest, but it's cool.

What was actually more interesting was that I spent some time just talking to Abby after the whole thing. It was pretty fine, really, as we managed to exchange quite a few ideas with one another. The talk was quite fun, as we jumped from topic to topic, and it was perfectly fine, really, as we didn't lose track of one another. I guess Abby and I are more of Chico and Delamar than anything else...

Nonetheless, Sunday proved to be rather interesting, as I wanted to watch WWE Smackdown at my aunt's house, so I went there as soon as I could. It was then that I realized how golden Mr. John Cena realls was on the stick, and I sure enjoyed his run there. I was attempting to empty my free text messages since my line will "reload" free text messages and calls today, so I decided to contact Rachel Reyes, who is actually here on LJ again, so I suppose I'll be hearing from her, as well as Ma'am Sining, who, as I suspected, is currently engaged. Her fiancee is a Swiss guy. Win-win situation, I must say.

Afterwards, I was headed to buy a memory card for the PS2, though I don't have a PS2. I needed it to actually progress in my WWE Smackdown game, and it was pretty interesting, really. It cost 1,200, so it was quite expensive.

Things were going well for me and Grace afterwards. Unfortunately, Grace cracked a rather bad joke on me that I didn't take all too well, which prompted me to go back home in quite a huff. I didn't even talk to her until the next day, which was quite a Herculean feat on my part, as it's not my nature to leave issues unaddressed.

Monday was fun. It was a holiday, so I didn't have any problems with classes. Moreover, I trained with Chico and Delamar on that day, and it was very interesting. I overheard in the office somebody's strange dream about missing his/her own dreaming by stalling all over his/her house with all sorts of things to do. That was quite strange. The dream even involved the station manager at one point, as she was offering the person in question some fruit, the specific type of which I don't recall.

I had a great time at the station, and Delle even asked me to do the AOB's during one break. Yay! I managed to say something on the air! Yay!

I then went off to play WWE Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain afterwards. That was interesting, as I spent eight hours getting my Booker T off the ground. It was pretty fine, nonetheless. I had to head off to Megamall afterwards, as it was Jericho's 8th birthday, and we had quite a sumptuous dinner at Sbarro's. When all that was done with, I just had to meet up with Grace and patch things up. She was really sorry about the whole thing, and I'm still thinking if I did the right thing by not talking or addressing her at all lest I said something I'd regret, or lest my anger turns the tables to the point that I'm already the one at fault.

With the reconcilliation and all, I must say it was a great day, overall, really... and I suppose I have a lot to look forward to when I watch Ju-On: The Grudge today.

And yes, I did manage to see Ju-On already, and for a horror film, it's highly recommended if you intend on getting the wits scared out of you. So as of now, three reviews are guaranteed: Zhou Yu's Train, Matrix Revolutions, and The Grudge. Ah, well.

Of course, since I slipped down the stairs of Grace's house this morning, all is not entirely well. Now I know how Alexander The Great felt when he had a baaad night...

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