Saturday, December 13, 2003

Interesting. As soon as classes were over, the whole scheme of things began to pick up. I was still a bit fixated on the whole Happy Tree Friends business, but it didn't take long before I had to accomplish more pressing things instead and attend to them first.

Anyways, last night was the RX Onstage On Campus presentation of Sugarfree and Cambio. I was there at the covered courts as early as three thirty in the afternoon, and started helping out. Not much there, really, but I did sense that the whole thing had "disaster" written all over it, if only for the fact that there was a severe dearth of plugging on the part of AJMA. Mark Lim, the project head, certainly wasn't able to inform the general public well enough about the event, so it's quite a sad thing, really. I'm sure if the event was plugged a bit better, there would've been a bit more people in the event, but I'd be the first to admit that the Ateneo is a hopeless case when it comes to getting people involved. Call it an apathetic mass, if you will, but yes, that's pretty apt.

Nonetheless, I did run into Rachel, who had a nice haircut, and whom Mark was ogling over. The man was more fixated on Rachel than I was on any other Chinese girl I ran into last night during the whole concert. And yes, there was Mark's cousin, Janelle, who's taken, and then there's a girl also named Jack. She's pretty okay, as well, and she wears glasses. Ah, well. I was really drowning all over again...

Only then did I realize that Mark was also cousins with Clarence Lim, who's in my list... ah, well.

Anyways, the turnout was pretty bad. Not too many people showed up, and in an act that I view to be pretty idiotic, Cambio was in the same place as Mongols. We know what the deal with that is, neh? Cambio was once Eraserheads, and the Mongols is fronted by ELY BUENDIA. Talk about stirring up unnecessary trouble, so thank goodness Cambio left soon after the Mongols showed up.

To make matters worse, sir Chito was already charging Mark for 20,000 bucks after the event because it flopped. Now where will the poor jabroni get that kind of money, neh? I guess he needs to negotiate about it, because that was just wrong...

So there. The concert was great, but the turnout was bad as Hades. And I was pretty happy with all the fine people there... I need pictures. Soon.

I also saw Abby's short film, entitled "Bulong Sa Kawalan". She apparently played Dave Corpin's "love" interest, though that really wasn't the case. I can see why Dave's persona elicited comparisons to mine, but I suppose that it's just not the same. I don't really buy into that kind of stuff, to begin with, and I don't think I'll be slitting anybody's throat any time soon, either. I was a bit set back by the film. Pretty grisly, if you ask me.

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