Saturday, December 06, 2003

So I didn't win a single Bingo game last night.

So I lost my first ticket, effectively having lost a hundred bucks.

So I came as close as four numbers away from winning ten thousand bucks.

So the only prize I came home with was a gift pack of Granny Goose Cheez Nibbles.

Who cares?

I was drowning myself in Chinese girl heaven last night, anyways.

Both the top and bottom persons of my list were in the place, as well as a few others in between. Jubingo night was mighty fine, considering how though I intended to come alone, I ended up in the company of some people I know from Ateneo Debate Society. Funny thing is, Mark Lim was showing off his card tricks to his friends, and then he showed me around to his friends like I was some circus sideshow, though I didn't really mind. It sure helps when you don't teach someone your magic secrets...

Last night was pretty fine, and yes, while I was still a bit fixated on Ms. non-Chinese, I managed to drop it right away as soon as I realized where I was. I originally intended to sit with Abby, but then, I realized I had better chances elsewehere, and less opportunities to embarrass myself, all the same.

Daph Villanueva was one half of the masterminds of the whole thing, and it was a huge success. Considering I was ticket 967, they must've made at least a 100,000 pesos by the time the whole thing was over. Pretty strong showing, I must say. With all that, and since I'm too lazy to calculate my odds of winning in Bingo, I guess this is the only gambling game I can join...

I would've wanted to go with Cami, but I suppose I didn't want to cramp her style at the time. She was having fun with one of her close friends, and I guess my presence would've stifled that. Of course, I at least wasn't an unlucky charm to her, since she still didn't win anything, anyway, in spite of my not being around her... heh.

Fun and all though it may have been last night, it could've been much better, I suppose. I'm still glad that I was there, though. It was a fine night, and I just might go playing Bingo someplace one of these days.

And yes, there has been quite a dearth of feedback to me the past few months. I guess my autobiographical entries weren't too enticing and all. That can't be helped too much, unfortunately...

You can tell that with my cellphone battery drained, though, Grace was mighty worried about me when I got home. She even ended up texting my mom about it. Thank goodness it didn't start yet another spot of trouble for me. I think with HER, her, and them to deal with (Or better yet, to ignore.), all in all, I don't need any more ill will going my way. It makes me feel too special to be accorded all this negative energy as though I were some malevolent powerhouse that people need to gang up on.

Wait. Let's stop there. I'm beginning to sound like a sanctimonious son of a bish already...

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