Tuesday, December 23, 2003

To all my readers: feel free to click the link below to make your presence felt. It's odd that I have had about 6,000 hits on my site already, yet less than twenty guestmap entries. Any entries from any of you would be highly appreciated. :)

.:Pulling The Plug:.

I’ve had a fun time the past few days, albeit I have yet to do a film review on “Eat, Drink, Man, Woman.” Nothing like a good Chinese film to cap off the year for Asian film class…

Nonetheless, I’ve been looking around at the blog awards, and yes, I’ve been leading in the Philippine weblog category. I really couldn’t expect anything else about the other category I’m nominated in, but winning in the former would certainly be quite a boon, although I’m happy with how I stand as is, regardless if I win or not. I’d like to think that I’m a great weblogger and all, but I don’t want to assume too much lest I overestimate my worth. Amusingly enough, my writing style is clearly not for everyone, either, as someone commented on another person’s blog (Also in contention, mind you.) that her attention span can’t keep up with my writing. I suppose that’s fine, considering how my writing grips the attention of my professors, anyway. ::chuckles:: Sorry, my grade-conscious self is popping up again.

So if any of you still do feel that my humble weblog is deserving of being voted as the best weblog in the Philippines, just click on the link at the very top of the page. Ah, well.

.:Why The Name?:.

Some people are likely to ask why my weblog is called “It’s True! It’s True!”, and I’d say this would certainly be the case if they don’t watch the WWE. “It’s True! It’s True!” is a catchphrase of one of the best WWE wrestlers right now, Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle is an Olympic gold medallist for wrestling, and as golden on the microphone as he happens to be in the ring. He’s definitely one of my favorite wrestlers, and for me to quote his catchphrase in this weblog as an homage to him is the least I can do for a man who has broken his neck at least twice to keep the fans of the WWE entertained.

So what if wrestling is fake? The injuries are real, and George Clooney was never a doctor, nor was Calista Flockhart ever a lawyer.

Okay. So the past two headings haven’t really been much in the way of content. I guess it’s because of the certain issues I’ve been contending with lately, although I’m glad they’re more or less resolved. Chalk it up to my being overreactive to a lot of things. Why don’t we talk about something else before I say something stupid? ::laughs::

.:The Competition:.

I did mention the competition two headings ago, and I sure would like to get to know some of the other people I’m up against in my category when it’s all over, so that I wouldn’t seem to be politicizing myself by finding my way into their weblogs over the course of the voting. I never liked the way GMA acted all magnanimous in an effort to woo the people to her side, so don’t expect me to follow suit. Nonetheless, I suppose I can talk a bit about the other people nominated in my category, especially those I personally know.

Firstly, the second and third (As of last count.) people in the polls are both rather interesting. Nonetheless, the second one has his account in Rice Bowl Journals (I need a black and white picture first, but I don’t have that, so I can’t get into it yet.), and I’ve been reading a bit of content, and it wasn’t so bad. However, I immensely liked the very organized layout of the guy in third, as he had his thoughts archived not only chronologically, but even by category. The day I learn to do that on Blogger is the day I become exceedingly happy.

While the weblogs of those whom I personally know aren’t too high up in the hierarchy of things, I still cannot help but love their pages, but unlike most people telling one that his or her weblog is good (And I’m sure anyone in that category with ten or more votes will get that all the time, regardless how good the competition is. It’s always a matter of proximity or perception.), I know for a fact that most of them have some very interesting insights that never cease to pique my intellect and curiosity.

Ronan writes mostly autobiographical entries, but you can easily see that he has a lot to say about such experiences, although his being a friends-only journal does hamper his exposure (Which can actually be a good thing at times.). Imo, on the other hand, is someone who really has an interesting writing style. I’d daresay that my thesis partner last semester can write as well as I can debate, arguably even better. If she should win an award, it would either be for best essayist, or more aptly, funniest blog. She can be quite funny even without trying, especially when she talks about her professors, the wacky stuff comes around since her teachers tend to be the eccentric type (Wonder how I’d do if I became her teacher…). Sacha, on the other hand, is far removed from any of the other weblogs simply because she uses it as more of an online planner than a journal. I think that’s exactly the point why she nominated herself, and it’s pretty clear that she can write in Greek and her fan club would still vote for her anyway. Thank God she doesn’t require her students to vote for her… that’d make her sweep any category she wanted to be in.

With that being said, I’m pretty happy with where I stand right now, although re-minisce easily brought me back to Earth on this when she pointed out that being popular would not make me a great weblogger. And I have to agree. I suppose I still have to work on my writing some more, since even though I may not try to cater to any of my readers, there are still times I myself feel dissatisfied with my output.

.:The Christmas Spirit:.

… has yet to hit me. I do not feel the least bit Christmassy, maybe because I’m tired of all the commercialization that has been going on for the longest time. And I don’t even find myself to be my usual generous self, considering how bad my luck has been this past year financially, and so I am relegated to having uniform (Ah! But homemade!) presents this year. In spite of that, Christmas has not been getting me down, either. Again, I recently ran into a brick wall of a situation, but I’m glad it’s cleared up. Christmas has little to do with it, unfortunately. It’s more of a “If you can forgive me for doing even worse than you did, I should be able to forgive you as well” kind of deal. I am certainly not making much sense there, am I? Never mind. Bottomline is that I really do not feel Christmas this year. There is no excitement, no anticipation of the holiday, and I see it more for its solemnity than its grandeur, really. I have no idea if that’s a good thing, though.

I didn’t even bother trying to complete Simbang Gabi (Dawn Masses.) this year. In fact, I haven’t so much as tried to do so since third year high school, I believe. Even then, I only went eight out of nine because I missed one day. The only vestige of Christmas for me may very well have been getting in touch with someone who once was my best friend and catching up. Beyond that, especially with people like Addy still apparently holding grudges against me to this day, I don’t see what’s so different about Christmas…

I recall telling Chico and Delle about this on the air last Saturday, and I echo the sentiments of a particular Christmas advertisement: I think it’s about time Santa Claus stopped being the focus of our Christmas celebrations. I believe that we have to come to terms with the fact that there is very little “Christ” left in “Christmas”, and that, to me, is very unsettling. I don’t want to have to go through “Santamas” every single year, both as a matter of pragmatics and as a matter of principle. Pragmatics, because the costly nature of gift-giving for people who seem to be caught up less with the thought of having gotten a nice present from a friend or relative than with the thought of having the most expensive present, as well as the futility of giving though-out presents to people who never seem to appreciate such gestures does get to me sometimes. Principle, because we’re losing sight of the whole point of Christmas by emphasizing Saint Nick and nearly burying Christ in the background. Imagine if Ramadan became less about Allah and more about presents. Imagine if Yom Kippur became less about Yahweh and more about… you get the point.

I’m jaded with Christmas. But then, maybe it’s better this way. At least I get to appreciate Christmas for what it truly is, but that just makes the five of us, neh? We will never learn…

.:Morning Rush Goodness:.

I’ve been having some fun with Chico and Delamar in the booth again. The jokes about Delle and Greg Turvey persist, and it is certainly getting more and more frequent. Last Monday, I was there to train, and Chico and Delle were certainly extremely funny there. I was offering Delle a caramel block, but because she was under the weather, she didn’t want to risk aggravating her bad throat. I could imagine how annoying it would get if I keep on offering her caramels UNTIL she gets well, which is the moment I promptly stop offering her. Chico was quicker to accept the caramel block, though. Only took him twice.

The more I look at Delle, the more I realize how much she looks like Maui Taylor. Of course, that’d be the day when Delle files legal action against RX for exploiting her in a pictorial, though. Nonetheless, I’m glad I’ve been given the chance to train again, and I suppose next time I do the boardwork, I wouldn’t be bungling it up the way I ended up doing the last time.

There’s a new song on the playlist, entitled “I Keed”, by Triumph The Comic Insult Dog, or some name like that. It’s one of the most amusing songs I’ve ever heard, as the singer proceeded to rip into just about every single musical artist he can take a dig at. Everyone from Eminem to Coldplay was lashed out upon by Triumph, and all I can say is that as much as I like Eminem, if he can’t take it as much as he dishes it out, then it’s time he started growing up a bit. Oh, well.

After the show on that particular day, I headed off to Shangrila after a while. Six kilograms of lamb chops for the Christmas Eve dinner may actually spike my interest in Christmas just a little bit… Grace was kind enough to help me, and I’m grateful she did.

The next day turned out to be even more interesting, as Brad Turvey was there, and Chico was pretending to be French. The accent was exceedingly funny, and I swear, Chico’s lines were classic.

Chico: Would you vote for FPJ now that his running mate is Lito Legaspi (Instead of Loren Legarda.)?

Chico: Ich bin einer schlampen (And don’t even ask what that means.)!

I managed to hand out a promo card of Stacy Keibler to Brad, as I finally have the promo cards to give out. Just in time, I must say. It’s about time I got them. I could only imagine how many people would want the Stacy Keibler promo card, as well as the card entitled “Hitting the G(rapple)- Spot”. Oh, well. Fairly interesting, all things considered. Anyone who wants to get started on RAW Deal, feel free to ask me about it, as I’m the manager of RAW Deal in the Philippines…

I always wanted to know, though: what’s the fifty-second state of the U.S.A.? I know Hawaii is number 50, and Alaska is number 51, but unless the joke about Canada becoming an American state became true, I have no foggy idea what state number 52 happens to be.

Loren ipsum majakorla scarabelli modicum poreliza plethora corrumpe. Najare por lazzicano merci nun. Ergo malisterinde oricum querpo arithmatea. La boureget wendigo aspera nondesca. Mastel piavelli chordatum herculon. Aletheia phronesis proaiea gellasenheit cogito. Nondescript ich bin ledig orion wilkommen travestie que sera sera non comprende. Polavieja restituto perpetua jermal freunde. Frolichten Weihnachten. Ascorel perdatum oblongata rigodon triomverate il gato.

Yare, yare malik paschal sarte. Machiave kierke gaardos chronus loren fer nan dopoe ro co maca pag alaroyyo. Sheree ni mau del tayloran der tierre del tierro aramaic gibsan melodique. Terrarum vorpal psiona ertai moribund polares nun? Ah, wetel poqueia retunda harre. Nande? Aslera, pitagoreal sanmig lyter.

And with that being said, enjoy your holidays, jabronis!

I guess I’d still be updating once or twice after the holidays, and I hope some people enjoyed the little test I conducted… heh. If they even noticed the little test I conducted…

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