Friday, December 19, 2003

.:More Shamelessness:.

I'm catching up! I'm catching up! Please continue voting for me...

.:And The Year Is Nearly Over:.

I'm finally done with this year's classes. My Theology test wasn't too hard, but I certainly am far from certain whether or not I got the question completely right a while ago. What worries me is that Mr. Dy-Liaco's long tests are pretty huge on my grades, about 35% of the total. Elbert and I were reviewing quite a deal, but that left me with little to no assurance that I'd be doing okay. Nonetheless, I hope things continue to be fine, and I really am hoping this day will work out. The question was something we would certainly expect, but no amount of reviewing will save you if you don't know how to flesh out all those ideas within a given limit. A one-page essay on it certainly felt inadequate, to say the least. Moreover, the whole lecture two meetings ago contradicted Aristotle by saying "It's better to help because of the person, than because it is the right thing to do." Therein lies the eternal struggle for dominance between Theology and Philosophy in this school...

Elbert was riding along with my jokes a while ago, as I continued to do an impression of Mr. Dy-Liaco, one that, when presented with the opportunity, I will attempt to do in class. I have his accent almost down to pat, and it's pretty interesting how that goes.Nonetheless, I still hope that I get my A with him, as with Mr. Bulaong, hwose quizzes lately proved to be mighty challenging, truth be told. In spite of my reading extensively, I seem to be having problems with his quizzes lately, so I hope I can handle things well in spite of that. Anyways, Mr. Bulaong was asking me about my plans after graduation again, and it certainly seems as though they really want me to consider teaching Philosophy.

Mr. Bulaong: Actually, one teacher was saying that you were too much like a debater.

Marcelle: I get that a lot of the time.

Mr. Bulaong: But he also said, "May kakayahan kang palalalimin ang iyong pag-iisip, at kaya mong lampasan ang debate."

Marcelle: Really?

Mr. Bulaong: Ang yabang talaga ng mga Philo, ano?

That was a really condescending note, but yeah, I guess I get the point, really. I hope that if they do invite me to teach, I have an answer ready by then... I really am pretty much still ruminating on it at this point...

.:Greg Doesn't Deliver:.

Despite saying that he will, Greg Turvey did not show up yesterday to meet up with Delamar in the station. In spite of that, there is still a high chance that he eventually will, and I'd like to see exactly how Delamar will handle a situation like that.

So with that, take care jabronis, and I'll see you all soon! Oh it's true, it's true!

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