Thursday, December 04, 2003

Is it just me, or did I suddenly find a non-celebrity, non-Chinese girl appealing? So here I am right now, going online again tonight after Philosophy class where someone was beginning to annoy the Hades out of everyone. Nonetheless, I walked into Pragmatix, the technological exhibit in the ADMU, and I ran into a few people I knew...

Anyways, yeah, I sat in on Sacha's class today as well, before heading off to Mr. Bulaong's Philosophy class. She was pretty cute in pink, but anyways, I digress. Nonetheless, I asked her if she can spare herself a day from Cook Or Die just so we can go for dinner one of these days... heh.

Nonetheless, on the non-Chinese girl... she's nice, really. I didn't even notice she has quite long hair, and yeah, she wears glasses too. Of course, her personality is gleaming, but that's about it, as far as I'm concerned. I'm not exactly into infedility lately, so there's no chance in Hades I'd be going for her... ah, well. Nonetheless, I know for a fact she's not taken, so when one of these days, I'd be asked to P.I.M.P. her, then I guess I can handle the job...

What the heck am I saying? ::chuckles::

Ran into Cami here, who's cussing worse than a sailor, as she's been playing some games on the X-Box in Pragmatix... she's pretty funny, really. :)

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