Thursday, December 04, 2003

.:More Hints:.

It appears that my professor in Philosophy, Mr. Bulaong, is all for getting me to teach Philosophy after graduation, or at least, is hinting that I should really look into the matter.

In class last Tuesday, he was giving examples on excellence and all, as well as the requirements for things, and then he asks people their courses before giving out an example.

He then turns to me, a COMMUNICATIONS major, and says, "What if Marcelle graduates and decides to teach Philosophy? He knows he has to get an M.A... etc..."

That was quite a spin, really. I have no idea why everyone and their mother thinks I'm qualified for this, and THUS placing an immense amount of pressure on me to go for it. At the same time, my mom has been hounding me to scout for schools abroad for me to be a working student for my M.A. after I graduate. Grace is naturally not too ecstatic about that idea. Who knows what cute Chinese girls I might run into in L.A., neh?

Seriously, both options are placing quite a huge amount of pressure on me, and I have to admit, I tend to crack under pressure. It's just that I'm more keen on working for a year or two right now in, say, RX, while actively viewing my options, instead of jumping into one choice or another as soon as I get my diploma. That, I believe, is being a bit foolhardy.

.:Shorthand Note On Reviews, And The Dean's Awards:.

Oh, and I got to watch "Zhou Yu's Train" last Tuesday. This movie gets a D- from me, and yes, I will review it. Scrap the other films until further notice, except Matrix Revolutions for a review...

I beat the deadline last Monday for the Dean's Awards for the Arts. I submitted some of my blog entries for the "Literary Essays" category, and my chances are looking really good. If I do fall short of the Cum Laude mark, there is no question that the Dean's Awards will more than make up for it. Annoyingly enough, they extended the deadlines the next day. I could've done a better job... sigh. Nonetheless, I can live with that.

I hope I win... most of my essays came from my Philosophy 102 class, as well as my paper for Dr. Barbazza. That guy is just fun to talk to. He's more like a mentor to me, and by now, I must say that he is arguably the best teacher I've had for Philosophy. Of course, I've only had two, but you see, that's why it's arguable. There is, after all, quite a clash of styles between the Doc and Mr. Bulaong...

.:On Radio 1:.

Due to a free cut yesterday for Theo 151, I sneaked in a bit of training for Radio 1. Delamar educated me on that long-running joke of "top or bottom" that led her to laugh at me for being so slow. Her comment? "Only goes to show that you're not gay". Ah, well. That's fine. I was doing the boardwork pretty competently, and I'm glad I was getting the hang of things. Chico was pretty helpful to me, and I didn't have any rust to shake off at all...

Delle offered these uber-small oranges that you just peel and then pop into your mouth. I love them. I really do. Here's hoping Tsumenki can get to try them soon.

Sugarfree and Cambio will be performing in the Ateneo tomorrow, so yes, I will be required to help out because it's an RX event. Here's hoping my Radio 1 rating goes up... I hope I can get to do more of this stuff. I have just one year to get to level 5 and be considered as a DJ... though I feel my voice might need some work, indeed.

Somethings aren't here... heh. But some of you know that. :)

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