Monday, August 15, 2005

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Now You're A Man


What makes a man?
Is it the power in his hands?
Is it his quest for glory?
Give it all you've got,
to fight to the top
So we can know your story

Now you're a man

A man, man man
Now you're a man

A manny manny man
A man man man

You are now a man
You're a man
Now you're a man

Live it, Live it

What make a man?
Is it the woman in his arms?
Just cause she has big t*****s?
Or is it the way he fights every day?
....No, it's probably the t*****s

Now you're a man

A man, man man
Now you're a man-man

Man-man man-man man
Now you're a man

M-A-N, man
Man, man-man man
Now you're a man

.:Film Review: Orgazmo:.

I don't think anyone needs to worry about spoilers, considering how old this movie is, but I suppose I have to warn you that it's a comedy film about pr0n, so it's definitely not your average post suitable for all ages... heh.

In any case...

Now you're a man, a manny manny man...

If there's one thing a lot of people know about me, it's mainly that I'm not a very big fan of the porn film industry. I honestly just don't see the appeal of it. Truth be told, H actually sounds marginally better to me.

Nonetheless, this film, being more of a parody of porn than being a porn film itself, really made me laugh. While I'd have to admit it's not a movie that's fit for any audience to see, it's still a pretty good film, nonetheless. As long as you're ready to see not-so-wholesome content and little respect for religion, then you can sit through this film. Otherwise, you'll simply be offended by it, so I highly suggest you stay away from it if that be the case.

This movie is about Joe Young, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, who is on missionary duty in Los Angeles. Finding it very difficult to get converts, he stumbles across a set where Maxx Orbison is shooting a porn film called "Orgazmo". Annoyed at this door-to-door missionary, Maxx sics his guards on him, only to find out how good Joe is at fighting. Seeing the potential, Maxx promises him $20,000 to play "Orgazmo", but since it's a porn film, and his religious beliefs go against it, he is a bit apprehensive. In the end, the money sways him, as well as the guarantee that he'd have a body double whenever he has to actually do some real "action".

The $20,000 would of course come in handy so he could get married, but both being Mormons, Joe decides to lie about his new... profession to his girl. While shooting, Joe gains a new friend, Ben, who plays his sidekick, Choda Boy. Amusingly enough, Ben is a double Ph. D. genius, yet enjoys being a porn star, nonetheless. One of his key inventions is the Orgazmorator, which duplicates the device Orgazmo supposedly uses in the movie, which is a ray gun that makes anyone hit by it get the big O in a flash.

Meanwhile, the success of the movie makes it so wildly popular that Maxx decides to make a sequel, and double Joe's pay for it. At this point, Joe's girlfriend finds out what his new job really is, and their argument leads him to want to quit. Turns out that wasn't such a smart idea, and now, he has to rescue his girlfriend from the scheming and dastardly Maxx Orbison not as Joe Young, but as Orgazmo. Naturally, Ben, blessed with the Hamster Style Kung-Fu, aids him as his sidekick, Choda Boy.

Now, this movie is definitely inane, and the plot is so paper-thin that you'd think it's a genuine script for a porn film. Then again, that's precisely the point. This movie isn't about taking itself seriously. From the opening theme, DVDA's "Now You're A Man", to the villain in the supposed sequel, "Neutered Man" (Since he's neutred, the Orgazmorator doesn't do diddly squat against him.), the film is about cramming in as many porn-related jokes as they can without being overtly graphic about it. Nudity, at least, frontal nudity, is severely kept to a minimum, with only top exposure. Of course, the "toys" employed in the film were strewn about the whole place rather generously, but that's beside the point.

The film pokes a lot of fun at Mormons, and while I'm not one to put down another's religion, it's done in a rather tongue-in-cheek way that would definitely be offensive to Mormons who don't appreciate having their religion made light of. That being said, that's one less group of artists to include in their target market, I suppose.

I think the thing that makes the movie work is the sheer inanity of the film's premise. It's so inane and so fearless at making light of various topics that it works that way. I don't think toning down the humor would've done it favors, but I guess I certainly could complain that they didn't follow through enough with the film's antics. Yes, it was funny, but simply being a bit more brazen with the acting would've done it more favors. The actors, even during the off-scene moments, still seemed a bit off, except maybe Ben, Joe, Maxx, and the girlfriend. The rest just feel rather... wooden even during the parts where they're not supposed to be so.

Another gripe about the humor is that they seemed to run out of jokes towards the end, really. I guess you can only come up with so many unique gags. The moment the humor started getting a bit repetitive and dragging, the fun factor of the film certainly dropped quite significantly, but not enough to ruin my enjoyment of the entire film itself.

I'd recommend this for anyone who can appreciate not-so-wholesome humor and politically incorrect jokes about religion. Otherwise, keep away. Orgazmo is definitely a funny movie, and a very enjoyable romp, but the acting could use some help, really.

"Fun" Evaluation: A-
"Critical" Evaluation: B

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filmphiler said...

Saw this one on cable years ago. And I must say, though super duper B-movie as it is, I terribly enjoyed watching it! Laughed my ass off! :-p