Sunday, August 14, 2005

Weekend Recap

.:Today's LSS:.

That Macho Man, he the illest!

Be A Man
by Macho Man Randy Savage

Huh Hulk Hogan, Hollywood Hulkster, whatever they call you, I’m comin
after you, you coward

Hot diggity damn Hulk I’m glad you set it off (set if off)
Used to be hard Hulk now ya done turned soft
Doin’ telephone commercials I seen ya
Dancin’ in tights as a ballerina
I knew all along you had those tendencies
Cuz you’ve been runnin’ from Macho like I got a disease
Dude please your pay per view event was a joke
You’re avoidin’ Randy Savage cuz you know you’ll get smoked
Come on that phony fight the Rock spanked you fast
But when I challenged Hogan to a real fight he passed
I called him out but the punk was scared to go
It was a charity event but the Hulk didn’t show
Hollywood Hulkster you’re at the end of your rope
And I’m a kick ya in the butt and wash your mouth out with soap
Cuz like Rodney Dangerfield you gets’ no respect
So come on Hulk let’s wreck so I can put you in check


Be a man Hulk Come on don’t be scared
Your runnin’ from Macho that’s what I heard

Be a man Hogan Come on don’t be a chump
I never thought Hulk would go out like a punk

Be a man Hulk Come on don’t be scared
You’re runnin’ from Macho that’s what I heard

Be a man Hogan Boy you’s a chump
Cuz Hulk Hogan is a real big punk


They call you Hollywood (hugh hugh) don’t make me laugh
Cuz your movies and your actin’ skills are both trash
Your movies straight to video the box office can’t stand
While I got myself a feature role in Spider Man
Ya hidin’ man but when I find you it’s on
And when I slam ya to the dirt you’ll wish you’s never born
I smell a coward mmmm is that you Hogan
Macho’s gonna kick ya butt is the slogan
You try to ignore me thinkin’ I’ll go away
But I’m a keep on messin’ wit ya dude day after day
And once you step to Macho you’re through
The joke’s on you so Hulk what you gonna do
Probably nothing cuz you’re a real big punk
You called my dad up on the phone man you’s a chump
Cuz if you really got static take it up with me
And I’ll punk ya butt out for the world to see


.:The JGL:.

And so it came to pass that last Friday was Sacha's birthday, and of course, miles away though her friends may be, we all came together to celebrate in her name. I got there, ID still laced around my neck like a grinning idiot, but it was all good, as I wanted to make sure I didn't forget my Flashdrive. I'm soooo not a geek.

In any case, a picture paints a thousand words, so let's cut to the chase with one of the most important things that happened that night barring Sacha's birthday itself...


In any case, the party started off with us eating Seafood Kare-Kare, Chibul, Sisig, and Sinigang na Tiyan ng Bangus in our favorite place, Krokodile Grill. Apparently, the song from Steven Seagal's album entitled "Lollipop" really is the "Lollipop" song that Pu3Ska sings! Omigosh, I have to hear this album!

For more amusing pictures, just check out Peppy's post.

After dinner, we headed out to Seattle's Bets to set us up the bomb, err... to set up Wi-Fi on Dom's laptop, as apparently, we couldn't crash his pad since he wasn't alone there and the other people were currently there. Nonetheless, Peppy and I took the initiative to grab some Dulce de Leche ice cream, and the entire group shamelessly asked for spoons from SBC to dig in. Sacha, for once, did not seem fazed to be greeted by seven people all eating ice cream in her honor. Must be because she's going to make herself some of her wonderful lasagna... heh.

So there we were, greeting her, and she was genuinely happy about it. Needless to say, it was immensely memorable for her to have celebrated her birthday like that, although in the middle of it all, my mom called me and asked me to apply as a "Showbiz Correspondent" for GMA-7. What made that amusing was the fact that Sean suggested I should act straight to be a cut above the rest of the gay showbiz correspondents in the network, which Peppy labeled as "no mean feat". Heh.

Quote of the night:

Charo: The game is H? Omigod... omigod... give me a copy!

Anyways, happy birthday again to Sacha. I hope she has more birthdays to come, and I hope she enjoyed our little gathering to involve her somehow. The JGL strikes again. Cheers, sexy! =P


Elgine and I celebrated our 100th day yesterday, so I suppose I don't have to go in detail about that anymore. Needless to say, I am very happy about it. I've written about her quite a bit already the other day...

.:Back To My Childhood:.

There's just something about having the full Shaider and Bioman DVD's in your hands, although temporarily (Peppy owns them.). I guess since I never saw the endings of either series as a kid, it certainly just completes my childhood to finally see the endings. Now, all I need is to see the endings for Laser Squadron: Maskman.

In any case, I guess I really am kind of a kid at heart. Thinking about how Yellow 4 died in the series years ago still makes me tear up a bit every single time... heh. Looking at Shaider and Annie fight for justice makes me feel nostalgic, too. Playing "what color is it going to be?" just a moment before Annie jumps up in that really cute outfit of hers also brings back memories.

But you know, for the life of me, I never expected Shaider to end the way it did. After finally putting an end to Fuuma Lear, Annie and Shaider look longingly at each other, and, and...

... effing shake hands.

So much for resolving all that "tension" between them... XD

.:A Poll:.

Who sings better: Macho Man Randy Savage, or Hulk Hogan?

Better make sure you have a fast computer and sound to enjoy these musical masterpieces...

If anyone has a red-hot poker, please do help me shove it up my ears now... lol.

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