Friday, August 05, 2005

Here We Go...

.:Today's LSS:.

Don't ask...

Set Adrift On Memory Bliss
by Backstreet Boys

Dadadadadada Dadadadadada Dadadadadada dadadadada
(On memory's bliss of you)
Dadadadadada Dadadadadada Dadadadadada (oh) dadadadada

The candle plays the hourglass
The days go and all I do is
Think of you and wonder where you are at night
Oh I remember everything
Every smile, and even all
The reasons why you say
I pushed you out of my life

Baby you set me... (Hahahahaha)
Baby you set me... (Dadadadadada)
Set adrift on memory's bliss of you (dadadadada)
Baby you set me... (Hahahahaha Dadadadadada)
Set adrift on memory's bliss of you (dadadadada)

Destiny is everything
Reality's replaced you with
The biggest empty void I've ever had in life (ever had in life) ohh
Bet you say that I don't care
I bet you say that I don't even think of you
But God knows how wrong you are

Baby will you be there when the morning comes?
(Baby will you be there?)
Just give me time (just give me time)
To fix my life (to fix my life, baby)
Baby will you be there when I open my eyes?
After all the time I've spent, wishing you


Sadness that overwhelmed me
My mind flies and carelessly
Imagines that you're happy with your life right now oh
I guess that's just the was it goes
Forever's gone so now I must
Place you with all the things that I can never have


So come on now (Hahahahaha)
I know this much is true (Dadadadadada)
I know this much is true (dadadadada Hahahahaha)

.:What The?:.

Image hosted by
Listen to his lead single, “Love me Or I’ll Break Your Arm”.

Steven Seagal has gone the way of David Hasselhoff and released his album, which seriously features a track called “Lollipop”. I have no idea what his songs sound like, but I am crazy enough to want to find out… maybe he’s a country artist or something? Then again, his album is selling in France, so maybe not…

While I’m naturally skeptical of actors-cum-singers, I guess the intrinsic threat of having my arm broken for bashing his album before I even hear it is good enough for me to adopt a wait-and-see attitude to his music…

.:A Second Wind:.

I think this is what you would call a second wind for me in radio.

After a very intense meeting in WAVE with sir Joe about various issues (To protect the company image, details of which I shall not mention in public.), I ended up running the idea by sir Gary about me going full-time with WAVE, and I got it.

I will be assigned to the Hip Academy, pretty much the equivalent of Radio 1 for RX or Campus Air Check for LS, along with the Hip Circle/Academy alumna par excellence, Gia. With all the great ideas I have from plugs to recruitment blitzes, I know I’d be doing my part to put WAVE 89.1 back on the map.

It’s time for a Waveolution. You know it. I know it. :)


Kel’s taste in women… he likes Chinitas.

Excuse me? I don’t like Lolitas.

Sabi ko, Chinita. Hindi Lolita.

This was an exchange between me and Anne during the meeting the other day. It was so funny, as I really thought she said I liked “Lolitas”. I guess we tend to hear what we want to hear...


Evil person that I am, I decided to go and pull a bit of a prank on Clair as I got her to agree to feed JM tahong when he would ask for it, without letting her catch on about the double-meaning connotation of the seafood. In any case, it was a pretty humorous situation, as she just stared at everyone during dinner last Wednesday, completely dumbstruck. It got even more amusing when you got to considering that this was a dinner composed of me, Charo, Sean, JM, and Clair. Apparently, Clair was really just the most clueless of the lot. Heh.

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