Friday, August 19, 2005



Taken from Sacha's post:

SpeOps Labs thinks there's not enough IT talent in the Philippines.

I'm no IT talent myself, but I most certainly beg to differ.

For one, I hang around with a group dubbed the "Just Geeks League", and everyone knows I use the word "geek" in an IT sense.

For another, Computer Science is definitely one of the more popular courses in colleges, and say what you want about them, but there are so many IT schools in the Philippines, and you all know what they have to say about giving typewriters to a million monkeys...

Let's face it. If it were a rapper, SpecOps Labs, judging from the way the IT community regards it, is definitely a Macho Man (If you can even call him a rapper...), bereft of street cred. If it were a rocker, SpecOps Labs is definitely an Avril Lavigne (I call her "rocker" with much disdain.), nothing more than a poser. There's one main reason why fakers can get away with what they do, and it's that they look good while they're trying to pull it off. Look no further than Avril Lavigne as a prime example. She ends up getting pretty rabid fans who believe her hype, thanks to that.

But hey, lemme ask the IT community if SpecOps Labs even looks good despite their media blitz. I think the answer won't be favorable.

Maybe it's a case of target audiences, even. Avril's marketed to impressionable kids. On the other hand, SpecOps Labs is marketed to the more... savvy typess of people, and they certainly don't fall for media blitzes that easily.

I'm sorry. I really have little to say about this topic. I just personally find it amusing how untrue what SpecOps Labs had to say actually is...

I can imagine it now... gangsta geeks up in arms, telling SpecOps that they can't "represent" because their "1337 cred" ain't enough.

Or the rocker geeks walking up to SpecOps to tell them that they're a bunch of "sellouts".

But the gangsta geek imagery really gets me. Heh.

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