Thursday, November 03, 2005

For Your Amusement...


So sue me, but I recently had the notion that it’d be cool to get an earring for myself. I talked this idea over with a friend of mine, and she was pretty ambivalent to the idea.

The moment I brought up getting a tongue ring, though, she started wondering if that’d be awkward, and for a while, I was clueless what she meant.

Then she referred to Pomelo.

With a flash of brilliance, I promptly retorted…

Just because you enjoy French kissing doesn’t mean every couple you know is fond of it... ;)

Oooohhh… baited! Ang isda talaga, nahuhuli sa bibig… ::guffaws::

.:Work Hazard Number 1: The Dubious Beneficiary:.

When we gave out a Day Off Package to Aling Mila, a conductor for RRCG Transit, we of course assumed good moral character on her part, considering how she was recommended by her employers in the first place.

And then like the beneficiary who received 5,000 pesos worth of groceries to start a sari-sari store and even a sign to boot and instead giving away the groceries and leaving the sign in the hotel, our new subject decided to pull off a couple of swerves upon us that just completely took us aback...

For one, during her spa session, what was happening with her was nothing short of... scandalous. To make a long story short, if we used the natural sound on tape for the program, we would've heard her moaning in delight over the massage, which just sounded wrong.

Secondly, we gave a special surprise at the end of the show... a scholarship, in fact, to their second son, Ryan.

When we got there the other day to record a few bits for the show, Allane was wondering about who that other kid was there in the house. Turns out, that was Ryan.

The question then is, who the Hades was that “Ryan” who went there with the guys to Tagaytay? Allane, our researcher, has only seen the real Ryan for the first time, and is now aware that “Ryan” was actually a nephew of Aling Mila.

I don't know with you, but if the neighbors were to watch this episode, that's definitely going to make us look like idiots, so I don't think that kind of a switcheroo ought to be cool with us, more so when “Ryan” pretended to be Ryan all that time. Simply put, these people were lying through their teeth while they were receiving the Day-Off Package.

.:Work Hazard Number 2: Karma:.

I think the horse that kicked me a couple of weeks ago got killed.

Apparently, one of the horses in Tagaytay bit the horse dispatcher while the latter was drunk. In a rage, the dispatcher took a two-by-four, smacked the horse on the forehead, and the horse dropped dead on the spot.

What a way to start off their horseback trip, neh?

.:Work Hazard Number 3: Sexual Harassment:.

While we were eating in Pizza Hut during the taping last Monday, it was quite amusing while Maey, another segment producer, was joking around with sir Albert, the executive producer for the show, and then he accidentally grazed his hand across her chest.

She then starts complaining about “sexual harrasment” and then asked me to stay still as she demonstrated how the incident happened.

Then she turned to somebody else, and asked me to sit still for her to demonstrate it again.

And again.

And again.

Now wait a minute...

.:Work Hazard Number 4: The Perils Of Celebrity:.
Fact of the matter is, there's a reason why celebrities try to keep a low profile in public. Amusingly enough, while one of our hosts, Carmina Villaroel, was seated in her vehicle over at Antipolo church, the moment the window was opened to talk to one of our other researchers, Jay-C, some random people at the church promptly spread the word to everyone who'd care to listen, and they ended up staring into the van until it left. Carmina joked that she felt like she was some kind of fish in an aquarium.

So after last Monday's taping, we headed off to Pizza Hut for lunch, along with one of our hosts, Pekto. The amusing thing about that is that there was a waitress, someone named Mary Neil, was definitely flirting around with Pekto every chance she got. Of course, it wasn't like Pekto wasn't trying to encourage it or anything... he kept on tossing her double-meaning jokes about her always “Neil-ing”, as well as making hilarious comments whenever he asks for something, such as when he ordered for “500 pesos”.

That being said, the waitress was pretty cool with it and gamely rode along with his double entendres. Then after a while, Pekto left before we got the bill from the waitress, and the moment we asked for it...

... she told me she overheard that I was a DJ at WAVE 89.1 and that she was an avid listener.

Amusingly enough, after that, she then asked to have a picture taken with me, and promptly took my hand to put it around her. Heh. That was amusing... I guess after all has been said and done, there are a few perks and perils to being a “celebrity” of sorts...


I had a pretty interesting encounter with Sean and Charo last Wednesday. Nothing particularly out of the ordinary, although it was definitely fun swapping travel stories between the three of us. Furthermore, it was incredibly fun to share the jellybeans... I love the bubblegum flavor... heh.

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