Monday, November 28, 2005


I'll skip today's LSS for this extremely funny strip...

.:A WTF Strip...:.

We had Norman Osborn, then Harry Osborn. Who's the next Osborn to step into the Green Goblin's legacy?

.:Weekend Recap:.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday were fairly eventful days, so I guess we should get things started with a bit of discussion here and there about what's been going on... heh.

For the most part, you might say that I've definitely been having a lot of stress under work as of late, but so far, it's been manageable. Last Friday, I literally spent eleven hours working on mastering for the fourth episode of our TV program, and then I forgot to plug my TV appearance too well outside of WAVE and my blog. I could've plugged it further in my other forums. Heh.

.:Friday: Radio Ranting:.

Friday was all about the boardwork. My partner, Gia, was there, and we had a very amusing on-air talk about what our show title should be. You see, the fact of the matter is that we've been meaning to get ourselves a program title, and the first thing that came to mind for me was “Insomaniacs”, which has a nice ring to it. It could work, I suppose, if you give it a chance and all.

.:Saturdate: Frustrating Fiasco:.

How many times have Pomelo and I tried to go bowling, only to have something come up that completely prevents that from happening? Today was no exception, as we ended up going to Megamall to go bowling, only to discover that GMA, of all companies, was having a bowling tournaments, which meant that the alleys weren't available for Pomelo and I to bowl in... ah, well.

Even more amusingly, while we were there at the place where I get my PC games from, one of the salesladies motioned to Gyn and then asked me: “Kapatid mo?”

Pomelo kept on calling me “kuya” from that point on. Heh. It was fairly amusing how that worked out. I was just particularly amused that they mistook us for siblings, because I don't particularly think we look alike... do we?

.:Sunday: Tournament Tales:.

I came out with a more than respectable 4-2 performance for last Sunday's tournament, but it wasn't enough to get me to the top 8. Cheng won the tournament, regardless. Death Long didn't pull through for me, but that was simply a result of utter hosing and god hands, respectively. I guess it' all good... heh. I wasn't too interested in the prize, anyways. I already have my pass, and I still can't quite get over that bit where I hit my opponent's Yawgmoth's Bargain with a Duress, only for him to topdeck a Yawgmoth's Will and play it, regardless. That was just crazy.

People were laughing their heads off over the videos I showed them on my PSP, though. I guess they definitely found that stuff amusing, particularly the Kung Fu video. Paolo Go, in particular, was enjoying NBA Live a lot. It's definitely a great translation of the game, despite the lack of direct passing.

In any case, it was a load of fun. Conversations about certain annoying players were also heavily discussed, and that was quite amusing, really. Funny how someone can claim to be “the best Oath player around”, only to be shown up to be quite the netdecker who doesn't even understand the card choices at all...

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