Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A Suman Post And Then Some...

.:Today's LSS:.

I love this song. I'll play it in a couple of hours...

Hiding Inside Myself
by Kenny Rankin

I've been so alone all my life
I couldn't give my heart to anyone
Hiding in myself was a man
Who needed to be held like everyone

The days moved into years
I look for warmth between the tears
It never ever found me
Never ever found me
Yes, I did seem to grasp at straws
They surely broke all the time

So I hid inside
(Till) I almost died
Yes I hid inside and I cried
A loving heart in a sensitive man
Hiding inside myself

Then you came out of nowhere
I could not believe my heart
I didn't know how to tell you
Didn't know where to start
I know you understand


.:Confucius Say, And Then Some...:.

In the courtyard, while Confucius was lecturing to his disciples, a young man approached him and began insulting him. Patient as Confucius was, the young man refused to cease with his insults, until Confucius felt the need to speak to him...

"My child," Confucius said. "If I gave you a present and you refused to accept it, who owns the present now?"

The young man quickly replied. "It would still belong to you, of course."

"My child," Confucius calmly responded. "I refuse to accept your abuse."

An animated film called "The Iron Giant" once captured my fancy with the line from the Giant, where he said that "You are who you choose to be."

In a lot of ways, that statement is certainly correct. You are who you choose to be, insofar as once you make the choice, you do what you can to make it happen.

And I choose to be happy.

I choose to be happy with who I am today, with who I have with me in my life, and with what I do from day to day in my life.

I choose to be happy without consciously willing anyone else to be unhappy at my expense. On the contrary, I would have to say that I sincerely wish the worst of my detractors right now the best. I can't wish such a person any ill will. It just solves nothing, and I know all too well that I had a heavy hand in creating that harsh critic of mine.

But I will refuse to accept the abuse. Let the abuse remain to be their property, not mine. I do believe that's fair enough a tradeoff.

.:Non-Fat Suman:.

An allegorical dialogue by Marcelle T. Fabie

Hey there! Would you like some non-fat suman?

Excuse me? Are you insinuating that I need my suman to be non-fat because I'm fat?

Of course not!

But you called me fat!

You mean seven months ago?

Yes, I mean that!

And you still can't get over that?

I don't forget, you know. You always called me fat.

That's odd, because you seem to be conveniently forgetting that I didn't ever call you fat before that.

But you did. Ask my friends. They'd tell you.

Of course. Because they're the paragons of impartiality, right?

You always called me fat. You never had any compliments to spare me.

Excuse me, but that's a load of revisionist history. I also distinctly recall you calling me a prick and a jackass after shaving off my eyebrows for having called you "fat", but I haven't lost any sleep over it.

That's because everyone knows you called me fat.

That's because you practically announced it to everyone who'd care to listen while I bloody shut up about it since I didn't want them to think any less of you. This revisionist history is getting real silly real fast.

Ha! The only reason you called me fat anyway was because you finally found a thinner and hotter model for your photo shoots. Otherwise, you wouldn't have the balls because you needed me there and nobody else would pose for you.

That's very impressive of you. Except that kinda runs aground your earlier statement about me always calling you fat and never sparing you any compliments.

But it works the same way. You always called me fat, you know.

No I didn't. I did seven months ago. Now, are you going to have this non-fat suman? Or are you really going to continue testing my patience with your amazing 20/20 hindsight?!?

Ever since you called me "fat", I've been depressed. I stopped eating altogether, and if I ever had to, I ended up becoming bulimic anyway.

That was seven freaking months ago! How am I still responsible for that?

Everything wrong with my life right now can all be pointed back to you. And I know you're offering me non-fat suman right now only because you want something from me. You moocher!

No, I don't need any new models for my magazine spread this month. You must be mistaken. I just thought it'd be great to offer you non-fat suman, that's all.

Ha! I'm onto you already. Don't think for one moment you can pull one over me, because I don't forget!

I can see a lot of things that you've forgotten, such as the numerous great photo shoots you had and the magazine covers you got featured on thanks to me.

Oh screw you!

And now you turn to ad hominem attacks because you can't prove your point without being irrational? That's just bloody brilliant! I distinctly recall apologizing to you for having called you "fat", and it was more than just a little profuse an apology, you know.

Who cares? I don't care about you anymore!

So why all the veiled attacks against my person in every interview you give? The kind of attacks that are just ever-so-vague enough for you to feign ignorance if I call you on them, yet clear enough for everyone to know you're lashing out at me again? If you so don't care about me anymore, why is it you keep on talking about how your contract wasn't renewed after it was up every single time you talk to me? Isn't there anything better to talk about?

Oh, shut up! That's what you're good at, anyway! Twisting the truth, trying to make me look like an idiot.

I don't need to try too hard, you know, if that were my intention.

So you're calling me an idiot?

Your words, not mine. I apologized before, and I'll apologize again.

Well, tough. You know I won't take that non-fat suman unless you apologize to me on national television during your next interview with Oprah, write my biography, and give me a new and better contract.

And if I do all of that, out of the kindness of your heart, you and I would be cool again?

Not quite. There's one more condition I have to ask of you... but you have to figure that condition out yourself.

Remind me again why I still deserve this kind of abuse from you?

Because you called me fat!

I know! SEVEN MONTHS AGO, DAMMIT!!! Will you just take the non-fat suman and I'll be on my way?

No! Not without you fulfilling what I asked!

Get over it, will you? You keep on telling me you don't give a damn, but you act like you're bloody world revolves around me. Don't give me too much credit, because I can do without it.

Oh, how presumptive of you!

I don't have to presume a thing. Your actions betray you.

Oh, shut up, will you? You're so full of yourself!

Jesus H. Christ! If you don't want to take the non-fat suman, I'll just eat it myself and be on my way. Bye!!!

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