Thursday, January 19, 2006

And The End Is Near

.:So Long And Thanks For All The Fish:.

It's been a wonderful time, having Sacha back here in town for close to a month. Sadly, while I was there at the airport to see her come back, I wouldn't be there at the airport to see her off, as I have editing later for GMA.

Last Tuesday, Pomelo and I took the time out to drop by the Chua residence and just take the time out to hang out for a few minutes before Gyn had to go home. Nonetheless, we had a few very nice moments, and I'm glad that Gyn was there. Peppy, Mario, and Dom were already there, and Gyn was terrified of Lucas and Patch, which was a bit amusing.

Anyways, a memorable line while Peppy and I were talking was when he asked me about the wound that I got and I attributed it to Gyn... heh. I know there was a very noteworthy segment to our discussion all the same, but it currently slips my mind. Ah, well. I'll get to it when I remember it, I hope.

Gurrkk... it's actually gnawing at me right now. I know I said something uber-bloggable here, but instead, I can't seem to remember what it was.

So we were there, and we had dinner. It was Mario's birthday, so we celebrated it as well, and what was interesting was that Sacha cooked "veggie" sinigang, Dom baked a cake, and Mario had chicken adobo. All in all, a very eventful dinner, and then we had a photo session to cap off the night for the JGL. Most of the girls glammed up a bit and wore skirts, for that matter.

I then took an overnight at the Chua residence, although I hardly got any sleep at all, considering how col the air conditioning was. I'm really not used to that kind of cold, and I nearly froze my ears off. Looks like somebody shouldn't be going to Germany anytime soon... heh.

The next day, the guestlist was fairly shorter, but Clair, Dom, and myself all spent time at Sacha's before she finally goes back to Canada. We spent dinner over bashing the writer of Kathy's article who kept on pushing his agenda that photography was a "man-dominated" industry, and seemed to insinuate that Kathy only "thinks" that this world is "genderless", and whatnot. I then mentioned to Clair...

Marcelle: If we're going to be sexist about this, he's envious. He has a "girly" job as a journalist, while Kathy has the "manly" photographer job.

Everyone seemed to see it that way, too. But it was all good. Lucas' photo was so prominent in the paper, though, which kind of fooled you into believing the interview was about him, as he had a camera across his neck, too. Heh.

I accidentally called Clair "Ching" over dinner, though. I chalked it up to the fact that it was her family name... heh.

Tito John was then asking me what I'd do for him if he got me a ticket to the WWE show...

... give my right arm? Bah Gawd, for ringside tickets, I'd do anything short of a lap dance! :P

We left the Chua residence at around nine in the evening. Hopefully, Sach has a good flight back to Canada, and I also hope she won't get too homesick again when she's there.

We'll all miss you, Sach. Do take care of yourself, and I personally hope you'll be happy with what you do once you get back there.


Sometimes, I just want to spend an eternity in your arms, and be held by you, feeling so warm and special.

Sometimes, I just want to be there for you amid all the troubles and cares that bother you, in the hopes that I could be someone you would turn to in moments of weakness.

Sometimes, I want to fight your battles for you. If only to strike the fear of God into the heart of whomever would be foolish enough to insult you and make you feel any less of yourself as those people who have hurt you have done so.

It's been hard talking to friends about the problems that plague us in our relationship simply because the problems are all so vague, yet all so real. Neither of us can quite categorically put our finger on the problems, although we know majority of it can be chalked up to the fact that your parents can't quite approve of us if they knew.

I know it scares you and makes you feel guilty. I can't help but feel bad when you feel that way. I can't help but feel bad, knowing there's nothing I could do to alleviate the situation.

We strive on in this relationship, a wonderful relationship, against all odds. No matter how difficult it seems, despite all the sacrifices the both of us have to make, we stay on because we truly love each other. I don't think I can have it any other way. You are special and you mean the world to me, Gyn. You have no idea how much I long to be with you forever. You have no idea how painful it is for us to be apart all this time despite not having a thousand miles going between us.

Sometimes, I just wish we could spend all the time in the world together. A quiet moment for you and I, unperturbed by the cares and worries of daily life, letting all that melt away as the only thing that matters is that you and I are together.

Sometimes, I wish that you could smile more. That you'd stop worrying about what other people would think, what your parents would think, and just realize that this relationship has been worth fighting for.

Sometimes, I wish sometimes could last forever.

Because I love you so much. Not sometimes, but for always.

.:It Is Done:.

I fully understand you Marcelle, but what I need is a full time Segment Producer. I hope you understand me too. It's been nice working with you, you are a good writer, so let's just finish your last episode. Thanks Marcelle, for all your contributions. :)

- Albert Sumaya
Executive Producer, Day Off

You know what? The smiley face doesn't make the situation any simpler.

I guess that's that for me already, as far as working for Day Off is concerned. I have made up my mind that inasmuch as I like working for GMA, I cannot commit to them to the point that I'd give up WAVE 89.1. The workload at GMA has not only been too much to bear, but the compensation certainly has not made up for it, either.

As I said a long while ago, I would find this job perfect if only this thing called "post-production" never existed in my job description, but it does, and I had to grin and bear it for as long as I did. It's been a good run, but I simply cannot leave WAVE for this job, because it just wouldn't pay enough to support me. I was more than willing to find a balance between the two, but GMA instead wanted me to do an additional episode per month, which was going to be murder for me for sure. 18-hour shifts in work are not uncommon in GMA, and that fact unsettles me.

So I guess that's it. In two weeks, I'll be doing my last episode for GMA, and then I can finally move on to only God knows where at this point. I think I didn't burn any bridges in my tenure here, although I had a slight spat with a co-worker the other day because I seemed confrontative to him over the phone when I really wasn't being so.

Let's see where we go from here. After all that has been said and done, I could only hope that things turn out to be better from me from here on. It's been a blast, but my health has taken too much of a hit from this run already.

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