Thursday, January 05, 2006

New Year's Recap, January 2

.:New Year's Recap, 02 January, 2006:.

So we spent the whole first night of January either watching a romantic Chinese flick, or having serious conversations. Sacha was talking about some things she had to get off her chest, and it felt a bit unsettling to see her emotional like that. I noticed she seemed particularly pensive on New Year's Eve, but I didn't find the right timing to ask her about it, so I guess the pow-wow session made for a good occasion, although everyone else was there to help as well. They also pretty much helped me clear the air as to where I wanted to go with my relationship with Gyn, all things considered.

The next day, we were supposed to go to Diane's condo, as we wanted to see it and all. One thing came up after the other, and instead, we had to scrap that plan, as we all took a bus for Clair to go to work and for Ron and I to accompany Sacha as she went shopping for clothes, though I also decided to go shopping for a good pair of leather shoes myself. I settled on a nice pair of suede leather, and then went back to them and saw Sacha shop up a storm. Not that she bought so many things, mind you, but she browsed quite a lot, and along the way, I found nice presents I could give to Gyn. Hopefully, I really can get her something really nice for her birthday, as it's coming up on Saturday already, and I'm pushing quite heavily for a Saturdate.

So after Landmark, we headed to Glorietta 2 so Sach can look for earrings. Here, I found a nice ring watch to give to Gyn, as the fact that it was a watch would mean my giving her a ring wouldn't call her parent's attention too much. Heh. I then sprung a late Christmas gift for Sacha as I got the earrings for her once she made the selections. I think I should also look into one more small gesture of gratitude, but not to her, this time... lemme check what they like... hmmm... flowers again?

Soon enough, we decided to take a cab since it was drizzling a bit, and I got off at Smart Tower. I said goodbye to them, and now, it was time for a lunch date...

Lunch Date:

Pomelo and I wanted to have lunch, if only to celebrate the New Year belatedly. I was hoping to eat someplace new with her, except that was unlikely to happen because the rain meant we had to go back to Tang City. Maybe I'll try those sizzling dishes instead next time. Oh, well.

Talking to one another during lunch kind of makes the flow of conversation surprisingly easier, which definitely helps us get to know each other in subtle ways. What makes the conversation even more interesting is how we took the time out to really know where we stand with each other, and pretty much renewed our commitment to each other. The ring watch was kind of symbolic as well, as I refused to put it on her hand until she said “I do” to the impromptu vows that came with the ring...

I'm a hopeless romantic, I know. But I suppose it's not too hard to realize that fact. After all has been said and done, I just wanted Gyn to realize how much I really love her, and how much she truly means to me in my life.

Funny how just one lunch date can convey all that and more. I guess that's why I'm so glad that I took the time out to be with her that day, if only for an hour...

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