Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A Suman Post!!!

.:Today's LSS:.

It's catchy. Who would've thunk they were singing about each other?

One On One
by Hall and Oates

I'm tired of playing on the team
It seems I don't get time out anymore
What a change if we set the pace face to face
No one even trying to score
Oh oh I can feel the magic of your touch
And when you move in close a little bit means so much
Ooh yeah, you've got to understand baby
Time out is what I'm here for

One on one I wanna play that game tonight
One on one I know I wanna play that
One on one I wanna play that game tonight
One on one so slow

You can't tell me you don't miss me girl
I think I might know you too well
Wonder what you'd say if you knew that I was coming tonight
Want to? I want you can't you tell

One on one I wanna play that game tonight
One on one I know I wanna play that
One on one I wanna play that game tonight
One on one so slow
That's all you need to know now

'Cause if it's really right there's nothing else
One on one I want to play that game tonight...

.:It's Official: Stephanie McMahon-Levesque is expecting!!!:.

And it looks like the kid really is his father's son...

You are looking at next year's Wrestlemania main event! Bank on it!

And in other news, after Edge's recent win of the World Title on New Year's Revolution, the subsequent "sex scene" between him and Lita ended up giving the latter more exposure than she bargained for... be glad this is cable and not network TV.

.:Conspiracy Theory, A Suman Allegorical Dialogue:.

You're a liar. And a hypocrite.

So what got your goat again this time? I thought the whole "fat" issue was water under the bridge now.

If you don't know, then I won't tell you.

That isn't much help to me now, is it?

See? You're a liar, and you're stupid! You don't even know what lies you've been peddling...

It's your fault. I just realized that the suman you offered me was a brand that shared my mother's maiden name. You really intended to insult me with it!

Eh? Do I even know what your mother's maiden name is?

What do I care? You're out to get me! Anything to hurt me! You're such a liar!


See? You're quiet now! Because you're guilty! You know you tried to hurt me again!


I thought you'd let sleeping dogs lie, but nooooo...

Whining bitches aren't sleeping dogs.

How dare you! How dare you! You intended to insult me by giving me that suman! Neither was it entirely non-fat. It was just low calorie! You liar! You wanted to make me fat!!!

Now, that, I didn't know. So if I offer you non-fat suman, you're up in arms over it, but if I offer you suman that isn't entirely non-fat, you think I want to make you fat? So it's damned if I do, damned if I don't?

Just get out. Get out of my life.

Oh. That pathetic excuse for a life? The one built around paranoia and thoughts of getting back at me? Lemme give you a bit of trivia. Unlike you, my world doesn't revolve around you anymore. Not everything I do involving you is some kind of veiled attack in your direction. Hell, you're so vain, you probably think this is about you again!

Of course it's about me! It's always been about me!

::chomp, chomp:: I rest my case. Here. Have some non-fat suman.


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