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New Year's Recap, December 31

.:New Year’s Recap, 01 January, 2006, Sunday:.

So I woke up a bit earlier than I hoped to, partly because of my body clock, partly because breakfast beckoned me. What I thoroughly appreciated about the usual breakfast at the Chua residence was that you can almost be sure that it was going to be a balanced meal. And yeah, this was no exception.

Sacha and I were talking, and we figured it would be cool to go to Clair’s house for the evening. But Clair had something else in mind, so instead, she was going to go to the Chua residence in the evening. Sacha then decided that we contact as many people as we could from the JGL to go there, so we contacted them all.

After a while, it was off to an interesting lunch at Italianni’s, and while nothing particularly stood out throughout the whole deal, I think I heard the story about the fire for the fourth time there. Fairly amusing, if you think about it.

So we finished lunch, and then the agenda shifted to going to Sacha’s godfather’s wake. I felt a bit like a fish out of the water when I tagged along with them, considering how I wasn’t related to the faithful departed at all, but I soldiered on. There were a few people there though who were extremely affable to me despite having met me for only the first time, and it kind of helped me not feel completely out of place at the wake.

On Being Romantic:

This’d probably sound weird because I’m talking about Sacha’s parents for a good couple of paragraphs, but it’s an amusing story, so bear with me.

After the mass and a few more moments at the wake, Tito John had this out-there idea to just go and play billiards. Turns out that everyone except him had no idea how to play the game, particularly the basic physics of how to hit the ball so it would go this way or that way, such that it would hit this or that ball in that direction, and so forth.

On the way there, we were recalling Tita Harvey’s offhand comment that “Chinese” and “romantic” was an oxymoron, and I, being particularly biased for Chinese people, said that wasn’t the case.

And on the way to the billiard hall in Powerplant, I thought I had the perfect argument, as they were holding hands while walking, which I pointed out to Sacha. Sacha pointed out that it was actually Tita Harvey who was clinging to Tito John’s hand. Tita Harvey overhears the conversation, then points out that her “beloved spouse” walks so fast she needs to hold on to keep pace.


But anyways, I digress. While playing billiards, Tito John enjoined us to observe other players, which we did. I noticed two Korean girls who were doing better than any of us at our table, save for Tito John. Of course, there were other players to observe, but then, why bother? Heh.

So out of a bit of frustration over the fact that nobody was playing too well at all, Tito John gave all of us pointers of how to hit the ball. It was a fairly engaging tutorial, to say the least, and what stood out with it was how Tito John was trying to make the easiest of shots possible for Tita Harvey. He would distract us all by calling our attention to a bird that flew by (Yes… inside Rockwell. Lol.), and Sacha and I would go and be “distracted” on cue, and when we look back, the ball Tita Harvey is supposed to hit magically rolls near a corner pocket.

Even the set boys were applauding Tita Harvey’s 1337 billiard skillz, especially since they knew she was footing the bill. Tito John admonished the other players on the nearby table to not distract the “future mom world pool champion” while she’s taking a shot, and the slightest bit of noise was enough reason to believe that she deserved another shot, or that using the force to push the ball that her cue ball didn’t hit into the corner pocket while happily distracting us as another bird flies past the billiard hall in Powerplant.

Either that was very romantic, or Tito John just wanted to finish the game real fast by letting Tita Harvey knock all the balls into the pockets… heh.

Merry Confusion:

We watched “Love On The Rocks” for fun that night. That was myself, Ron, Clair, and Sacha. Diane and Mark went home immediately, but not after witnessing me glomp Ron when he arrived rather late as Diane was already out of sorts because she was so sleepy already…

In any case, we had lots of fun watching “Love On The Rocks”, a Chinese film. This was despite one simple fact.

We had NO subtitles to help us out.

So we made up our own lines, and gay references and metal braces for shoes just overflowed from there.

I’ll continue the story when I find time to write again. :)

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