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Film Review: MI-3

.:Film Review: Mission Impossible III:.


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Mission Impossible III: Arguably the most recognizable guitar riff ever.

I may not like Tom Cruise, Scientologist, but I have to say he was pretty good as Ethan Hunt, Secret Agent.

Mission Impossible III is an achievement in my eyes, in terms of coherence and excitement. This film definitely had that over and above the second part, which was the only other MI that I actually saw.

In any case, Ethan Hunt has recently been engaged to his girlfriend, Julie, but in the middle of the engagement party, Ethan had to be called to a mission to rescue Agent Fenris, an agent Ethan himself trained. Despite Ethan's reluctance to return to the field at all due to his desire to get married, he ends up going through the mission anyways, and ends up in Berlin, where after some measure of planning, he does retrieve Agent Fenris, except he doesn't get her back alive.

It was too late for them when they realized that there was a charge of Nitroglycerin in Agent Fenris' head, and as they were charging the fibrillator to knock out the nitro, the charge went off, instantly killing her.

This turn of events makes Ethan's standing fall out of grace with one of the higher-ups, Lawrence Fishburne. Agent Fenris was necessary to the operation because they wanted to find a way to get to Davian, an illegal dealer who seems to have access to a weapon called “Rabbit's Foot”, which is being sold for $850 million. In order to get the information they need, they kidnapped him, only to have him slip out of their fingers.

By now, they suspect Lawrence Fishburne to be working with Davian, and Ethan now fears for Julie's life, as Davian was more concerned with threatening him about her than fearing for his own life, and she does get kidnapped. In exchange for her, Davian wants Ethan to steal the Rabbit's Foot from Shanghai, which made no sense to me. How can you sell something for $850 mil if you don't have it yet? Shortly after this, Ethan gets caught by the other IMF agents (Impossible Misson Force. Whatever happened to the International Monetary Fund?), and he's interrogated by Lawrence Fishburne, along with his mission liaison, Mosgrave. Mosgrave knows about the situation though, and helps him escape.

After a daring heist in Shanghai along with his team, Ethan finally gets the Rabbit's Foot. They supposedly make the trade, but things don't work out. Davian seems to not have the Rabbit's Foot at all.

Apparently, Mosgrave was the inside man working with Davian, and not Fishburne, contrary to Fenris' suspicions. He gets his comeuppance in the end, though...

I won't bother with the ending, but let me just say that even at the end, nobody reveals what the Rabbit's Foot actually is. Grrr...

Despite that minor gripe, it was a good movie. It was fairly gripping a lot of the time, and I definitely enjoyed the twists and turns that I followed throughout. I suppose the biggest charge against it was how it didn't make sense that Davian was still asking for the Rabbit's Foot, despite everything, and why he was selling something he didn't even have yet. Even then, I might've just missed a plot point or something.

The main villain was amazing, in my opinion. He was very cool and collected, and extremely menacing. The ten-count he did before he shot what Ethan thought to be his wife was nothing short of a psychological masterpiece. The way Ethan's reactions changed with each count was brilliant. It was arguably my favorite part of the movie, although I think the 3-second bush shot from Maggie Q was probably the best one.

Speaking of Maggie Q, she was definitely hot, but she forgot she wasn't wearing any underwear when she took the detonator out of her thigh holster... hmmm...

Anyways, great movie, and definitely satisfied my craving for action. Of course, I just couldn't get over the fact that the villain looked like Samwise so much... and of course, Lawrence Fishburne is just so conspicuous wherever I see the guy...

"Fun" Rating: A
"Critical" Rating: B

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