Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Just For Laughs...

.:Today's LSS:.

What if the Mighty Odinson Thor decided to do our contemporary hits in his own inimitable way? How would these songs resonate through Asgardian words?

For as long as I can, my LSS's for the most part will be a regular song given a spin by Thor. The challenge is for people to guess which song it was originally.

While the song isn't complete yet, I'm sure that these lines are enough to give you an idea how Thor's greatest hits would sound like.

Yon renowned fellow, let us kick it
Ho, everyone, cease, I prithee listen
Thor hath returned with a new invention
Something taketh hold of me most tight
Floweth like a harpoon day and night
Shall it ever end? I doth not know
Conjure the darkness and I shall glow
To great measure, mine voice is as a vandal
Brighten mine surroundings and snuff a life as though 'twere a candle
Yon mystic dance doth boom like a storm in motion
I bring death upon thee as like a black potion
Lethal, when I doth serenade thee
For any lesser tune wouldst be a travesty
Art thy affections roused, or dost thou flee?
Thou shouldst aim well, lest I forsake thee
If there be any ill, I shalt resolve it
Look thee upon mine hook while mine DJ revolves it

.:Ooohhh... Burn:.

On a related note, people who write books to "debunk" the Da Vinci Code are as guilty as Dan Brown is of milking that cash cow.

And even more hypocritical, at that.

Need I say more?

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