Friday, August 24, 2007

A Big Request, And Magic-Related Stuff...

.:A Heads Up:.

After this post, I am considering if I should post exclusively in my magic weblog whenever I will do any magic-related press releases. When I do that, I will simply direct you via link to the Magikel blog, which I am hoping to make far more interesting in the coming weeks, albeit I'm still very iffy about showing a lot of my magic on video.

As much as I want everything to be found on my main blog or my LJ, it seems making a semblance of a break between my magic and the rest of my life would keep myself from ingratiating myself to readers who don't want to see me shilling myself for gigs, which I feel justified doing in the Magikel blog.

In any case, whether or not I will do this to establish a clean break remains to be seen, but do let me know what you think, because I really am unsure about doing what I intend to do, since I personally like finding all my posts in one place.

.:A Request To My Blogger Friends:.

For those who are willing to spare me some pictures, I am in the process of creating a brochure of my magic and hosting work for potential clients. If it wouldn't be too much trouble, I would like to request anyone willing to send me pictures if you've ever taken a picture with me in a blogger event, whether it be for magic, hosting, or just plain hanging out. I've been very shoddy with documentation, but I'm hoping I can still scrounge up some pictures and the like for a brochure.

Please provide me with a name and a website so I can fully credit you if the picture you send me ends up in my brochure. Furthermore, if anyone would be willing to make testimonials for me regarding my magic, that would also be much appreciated, be it via e-mail, or over the blogs itself.

I know this is a pretty big request I'm asking of you, but I really need it to get my publicity machine going. My e-mail address is at, so anyone who's so kind enough to help me out a bit would very much give me some cause for joy. =)

Thanks to everyone, in advance!

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