Monday, August 20, 2007

Friends, Friends, Friends

.:Sean Of The Dead:.

Well, I just really wanted a witty title, so I guess this will hopefully suffice. Last Friday night, I hung out with Sean at Greenhills, where we had dinner at Little Asia. It was a particularly amusing time, because for starters, Sean's mom thought I was a girl and Sean was “going out” with me. I have to admit I saw that coming once Sean brought it up, but it still got me.

In any case, dinner was good, and conversation was even better. While we were going around Fully Booked, we chanced upon a Harry Potter Book 7 speculation book, and it was nice reading it and seeing how much of the writer's ideas coincided with what actually happened in the seventh book. I was sorely tempted to buy it, but the fact that it's all moot anyways since I already read the seventh book made me feel like it would've been a monumental waste of money on my part.

.:JGL Reassambles!:.

Well, it's been a while since the JGL has been getting together, so a week or two ago, seeing us hanging out again was a great thing, albeit it was due to slightly depressing circumstances. Nonetheless, here's a shout out to Clair, Charo, Sean, Ranulf, Peppy, Dom, Sacha, and the rest of the JGL.

One can only wish that our schedules magically coincide once more so that we'd have the time to hang out with each other every now and then...

For the uninitiated, it's also known as the Just Geeks League... =P

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