Monday, August 20, 2007

Blazing Salvo

.:First Day At Reedley:.

The past week has been exceedingly difficult days for me to blog mainly because I've been depending on Ateneo for my internet, but since classes were canceled for three straight days, it was pretty obvious why I had a hard time actually getting online.

All week long was a week that consisted of me lazing away on my PSP, and just spending time with my Beloved over the phone, or even in person, as was the case when I met up with her last Wednesday at McDonald's.

Anyways, Friday was my first day at Reedley, where I was going to find myself oriented, even if there were no classes to speak of, since DECS canceled classes. Still, I got there, and it was really nice that getting there, I was feeling very welcome despite being “the new guy”, as it were. It was easy to mesh in with the rest of the faculty, and it was really a great time to start the day off. It was really easy to get along with the faculty, and I find it rather easy to gel with the people, especially since I finally found a PSP buddy, for one. The faculty was wacky, and it was only galvanized with the stuff we've been talking about.

After a bit of orientation here and there, I hung out for lunch with the faculty, and soon enough, I was doing magic for them. They were particularly stunned by Liquid Metal, and I really made quite an impression on my first day.

Given how my schedule will not involve graveyard, I can tell I'm going to enjoy my work here a fair bit more than my last job. While pay will always be a bit of a consideration, it's still all good, after everything has been said and done..

.:Lolz. WTF?!?:.

Days like these, I wish I had a scanner.

Ummm... a list of the offenses in the Reedley student handbook proves to be quite interesting.

Sure, you have the usual offenses like vandalism, forgery, cutting classes, and truancy, but you just have to be shocked to no end of this one particular offense, that due to a simple typo, is worth a laugh and a half:

ImmorTality: punishable by dismissal regardless of frequency and/or gravity of circumstances.

So apparently, you can't fall from the fifth floor and survive or else you'd be expelled because you're immortal.

Sorry Ranulf and all the McLeods out there, you are not welcome in this school. =P

.:Saturday Night Magic:.

It was a fairly quiet night for the TSC last night, but it was all good. I did a bit of crashing for a few people at Megastrip, and my first go was when I did magic for some Persians at the behest of Drac, and as soon as he was introduced, he never let go of those spectators.

Meanwhile, I crashed for a couple more people, but I was also doing some magic for a new TSC member, Marla, who was particularly amused by mentalism, and towards the end of the night, me and the rest of the guys were just having fun doing comedy magic for each other, and unbelievably, Marla was actually amazed by the levitating ballpen effect! Heh.


Jehzeel Laurente said...

astig ka talaga.. :P heheh.. napahanga mo ako sa rubix cube kahapon sa cookie cafe :P

Anonymous said...

REEDLEY? Kala ko naman WRIGLEY! :P

Great seeing last night Marcelle! And I'd better tell my friend Duncan Macleod about the rules....