Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Most Influential...

.:The Most Influential...:.

Having come from a station that proclaims itself as “The Most Influential” station in Mega Manila, I have to say that an awards night for the most influential blogs piqued my curiosity, and be that as it may, I really have to agree with Shari on her evaluation: this was an awards night for Philippine blogs, and should've been labeled as such.

That being said, this was an event brought to us by Yehey, where I met people the week before, all the same, even someone whom I never expected to be nice to me offline, not after everything. It was jarring, but hey, that's that.

Running into the bloggers again was quite a refreshing reprieve from the sheer amount of schoolwork I've been handling lately, as well as a reprieve from a lot of problems I've been putting up with on the personal front as well. I did only a very small bit of magic for the audiences, but it worked out quite well, to say the least. Since it was a Wednesday, it was also the same day I got my items from Jheff, whom I order from a lot due to his very honest and reliable product reviews. If he isn't selling it, it's probably not good enough.

Anyways, my congratulations to the top 10 Influential bloggers who won last Wednesday...


Shari said...

Thanks for agreeing with me. I'm actually surprised that most people share the same sentiments.

CokskiBlue said...

Hi Marcelle! First time seeing your act at the August 1 party! Really great. I featured you in my video podcast. Hope you check it out!