Friday, August 31, 2007


.:A Short Mondate...:.

Monday was indeed another holiday, but thankfully, it was still time I managed to spend with my Beloved, after close to two weeks of not having seen her. It would really appear that the amount of times we argue or have misunderstandings is really proportional to the number of times we meet up, so thankfully, we managed to see each other, if only to support Pau and Jem, two of Row's friends in UST, who were part of the pageant for the school that day.

Jem handily won the male category, so I guess that's all good...

Ever since the snag we hit last weekend, my Beloved and I have been more affectionate with each other. But now, knowing how much more sensitive she is to the slightest things, I end up becoming very paranoid, and it's doing us more harm than good.

I can't breathe easy, because I keep on thinking I'm royally messing up.

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