Monday, May 02, 2011

DK Recap

.:More DK Recap Madness:.

If you haven't been listening to the Disenchanted Kingdom on 99.5 RT, you really should. From 6-10 PM, you're treated to one of the most entertaining radio programs on Philippine radio, featuring King DJ Logan, Marf, Ana Q5, and Lu Skywalker. Every now and then, I drop by and guest, but this show is just awesome from top to bottom, truth be told.

All things considered, while last week was a bit fun thanks to how we ended up discussing some silly stuff where we just ended up laughing our heads off for no apparent reason. Obviously, our show went really well because everyone just hit their stride that day. I'm just trying to remember what we were laughing about, though...

Last night, though, was something else. With KDL and Marf absent, Lu and Ana had to hold the fort, and when I got there, things started cooking when we decided to talk about rules on dating and relationships. Lu practically gasped when I mentioned the rule about not dating co-workers and then pointing out I don't technically work with Cleo Caliente. That resulted in a pretty interesting discussion, punctuated by them telling me that if I had a hot co-worker, I'd quickly ignore this rule like it were nothing.

This was when I snuck in a greeting and said to them that Denise Cua, my uber-hot co-worker, is indeed hot, but I still wouldn't break the rule, regardless. Denise was amused when I told her about it, albeit yeah, that means I just threw myself into the friend zone right then and there.

Whether it be advice for a caller about getting involved in friends' relationship woes, or the rules on when to call a girl or how many rings she should wait before taking your call, it was a lively discussion all around. For a half-manned DK, that was certainly one of our better efforts, to say the least, although Justin Bieber being a security threat in an airplane was quite an irresistible setup for my lousy joke about Bieber being the bomb. I'm sure Bin Laden would've been proud. Too bad he's dead.

Well, better Osama than Ozawa, I guess.

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