Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Macho Sacrifice

.:"Macho Man" Randy Savage: 1952-2011:.

Last night, the unthinkable happened, and the man everyone knew as the Macho Man, Randy Savage, passed away in a car accident. Considering how someone dear to me lost her dad because he succumbed to a heart attack while behind the wheel, the story certainly still leaves a chill in my spine.

Last night, I was in Sid's birthday party in Capone's when the news got to me. Needless to say, I was stunned for the rest of the time.

Out of all the wrestlers who have come and gone in the industry, few of them would ever stand out the way Randy Savage did, having been one of the "total package" performers the WWF has had the honor of having. He could get it done in the ring, he could get it done on the mic, and whether he had to be cheered or he had to be booed, he knew how to get the job done.

It's a testament to the kind of influence this man has over the world, considering how he's been out of the ring for an entire decade before he passed away on May 20. Very few people who were fans of wrestling would forget that he was involved with some of the most memorable moments of WWF and even WCW history. There was, without a doubt, a macho method to his macho madness, no matter how off the wall his rap album may have been.

In the end, the world is just a little emptier without him around, and as jocular as it may sound, if the world doesn't end this 6PM as the Rapture doomsayers insist it will, I'm giving Macho Man Randy Savage full credit for making the macho sacrifice necessary to save the world.

He will truly be missed.

At least, they have a valid excuse why the world didn't end.

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