Saturday, May 28, 2011

Street Fights, Sword Fights, Laugh Bites, And Geek Fights

.:Apparently, Spiral Causes Fights To Break Out:.

This is like, what? The fifth or sixth time someone challenged me to a fistfight or something? And over what? The fact that they can’t break out of the Spiral knife trap on Marvel vs. Capcom 2? That’s pretty sad, really.

Next time I see that guy, he’s not gonna like it when I give him even more Spiral goodness.

Let’s face it: if you suck at playing games, don’t blame the expert for owning you. Learn to play, and get better.

.:Machete Hotdogs!:.

Aljur’s hotdog rocks.

I never expected tuna hotdog to taste more hotdog and less tuna, but Century has pulled it off! On top of that, I even had the opportunity to just run into Mr. Aljur Abrenica himself, who seems to be the nicest guy ever, to say the least.

The Disenchanted Kingdom has definitely been a very star-studded show the past week, what with Karylle and Jim Paredes showing up as well last Thursday. It’s a bit crazy to know that they’re gonna be six to nine in the evening, Mondays to Fridays, come next week, though. Let’s see how that plays out.

.:Merk’s Yet Again!:.

Missed out on performing in Tomato Kick because of the Let’s Get Digital party, but I made up for it by having an excellent eleven minutes in Merk’s, combining some of my new and classic standup material with the ultimate crowd-pleasing mentalist act: psychokinesis.

There were just four comics that night, and surprise surprise, Chino Liao headlined!

Larger than life, that Chino.

.:To The Victors! To Uranus!:.

Last Thursday night, in Gweilo, the team that adopted me last time hosted the Geek Fight for the night, and it was all about Nerd Machismo.

Not pictured : an actual nerd.

With eight categories, including Organized Crime, Post-Apocalyptic Scenarios, Male Fashion, Manly IQ, Manly(?) Music (They played a Bieber song! How was this manly?!?), Secret Agents, Vehicles, A Goddamn Batman round, and of course, the round we Jokered (That is, you win twice as many points per correct answer in that round.), Pro Wrestling.

That night, I ended up seated with the team who apparently won the previous Geek Fight: the Explorers of Uranus, and they gamely adopted me, as I convinced them that we should focus on Pro Wrestling as our Joker round, even if it seemed, I was the only one on the table absolutely certain about our (collective) pro wrestling knowledge.

So we got down to business, and we didn’t have a very auspicious start. We were mostly keeping pace with everyone, until things started cooking during the Organized Crime round, when one of the veterans, Leo, just took the reins for our team and introduced us to the wonders of the Omerta and the Colombian Necktie. Ouch. Remind me to never pick a fight with Leo. Heh.

It was also shocking that during the music round, the ladies of our team were the ones answering with utmost confidence. It turns out they were clearly manlier than the men on our table, which just amused the Hades out of everyone involved.

The round that really swung it was really the Pro Wrestling round, as our team got 8 out of 10 answers (thanks to also getting the bonus question right), that catapulted us past Broken Social Skills, one of the best teams in Geekfight bar none, by the slimmest of margins: one measly point. That round must have been my favourite round of all time, considering how much of the questions I really knew the answers to.

As an amusing side note to the Batman round, when asked who played Batgirl (Lexi Belle!) in the Porn Parody, I absent-mindedly blurted out, "Wait, I know this! I saw... err... read about this!" The rest of the team just nodded at me condescendingly. :p

Anyways, as I did mention, Explorers Of Uranus ended up winning a second straight Geekfight. As you can tell, we were very happy about that…

This picture proves that the iPad 2 is the most awkward camera ever. Just sayin’.

Immediately upon winning, we decided to cash in and pig out in Gweilo’s, as most of us actually ordered conservatively that night. There was a lot of food to go around afterwards, all in the blink of an eye.

Ah, the sweet taste of victory. It is very sweet. And victorious.

Here’s to the next Geekfight, then! I’m totally stoked for it, and who’s to say what happens next, right?


TJ Dimacali said...

Thanks for joining us that night, you really clinched it for all of us! (pun intended, hehehe)

See you in future fights! :D

TJ Dimacali said...

Thanks for joining us that night, you really clinched it for all of us! (pun intended, hehehe)

See you in future fights! :D