Friday, May 20, 2011

What A Week, What A Week...


Last Tuesday night, King DJ Logan went up onstage in Tomato Kick and performed his first ever standup comedy set. I'd have uploaded the video I took of it, but under pain of death, Mr. KDL has given me a very compelling reason not to.

Having said that, Tuesday night was really awesome, what with all the people who were there watching the show, as well as all the new blood that night brought together. I think that was officially the most number of open mic'ers I've ever met in one night, not including the Comedy Cartel vets themselves.

That really just rocks, y'all!

.:Quite A Rut...:.

Been trying to find inspiration to write for the POC in recent days, but other than the RH Bill and Noynoy Aquino and the still-stagnant Maguindanao Massacre trial, is there anything actually worth writing about in the world of politics at this point? These topics have been covered ad nauseam, and anything I could say would probably just be a retread of some other's pundit, even in the realm of satire or plain snark.

I'm trying to recharge my batteries for now, and I hope that something in the world of politics turns up that doesn't retread these rather tired topics at this point. I might sooner find it in me to write a showbiz article than a political one at this point, what with all this news about Mo Twister and Rhian Ramos, among other things.

.:My Good Deed For A Day...:.

Tried to surprise a friend by dropping by her office with half a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts. Sometimes, I suppose it would be great just to spread some happiness all around...

Here's hoping she actually likes donuts, though. Heh.

.:Ready For The Rapture?:.

With all the rapture and end-of-the-world jokes running around thanks to Harold Camping, I suppose it's rather amusing to think how many people could possibly get laid for the first time ever just for believing this kind of tripe, particularly coming from a guy who got it wrong seventeen years ago.

See, it doesn't really matter if you believe in God or not. The end of the world for anyone comes at the moment that they die. That's the end of your world, while the rest of the world goes on. It's a bit of a buzzkill that you won't be forming a Tribulation Force or something by Sunday, but let's face it: May 21 would likely find more free comic books given out than people mysteriously disappearing as man and God meet each other halfway across the sky.

Why fret over the end of the world when you could do something to help prevent someone's world from ending? I think that if you were to do good for someone on May 21, Rapture or no Rapture, you wouldn't really have anything to regret by doing the right thing when the next day comes.

And then you do it the day after that. And after.

By the end of it, you've done your part to make your world that much of a better place. And you can be pretty much sure that by the time your world ends, people won't be happy to see you go, but will live on through you by your example.

I guess I know how I'm going to spend my time on this (hypothetically) last day of Earth, then. Suddenly, getting laid doesn't seem like such a top priority. Although I'm sure it wouldn't hurt if that was the only Second Coming to be had tomorrow...

That being said, here's a question for the commenters: what song would you sing at the end of the world?

Me? I'm totally Rickrolling everyone 'til oblivion, like a sick version of Nero watching Rome burn. With Rick Astley blaring from his fiddle.

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