Friday, July 01, 2011

No, Friendster, Noooooo!!!

.:No, Friendster, No!:.

It... it came true! I must be psychic!

So after ample warning, Friendster has officially deleted all their user profiles to make way for the site's new direction: as a social gaming website instead of a friend-finder social media network that it predated Facebook in, but was, in the long run, clearly outmatched by.

So now, you have a Friendster that once looked like this:

I wish I screencapped my old one before deletion, though, for direct contrast.

To a brand-spanking new one that looks like this:

But hey, I still have a Friendster account, albeit without all my awesome testi's.

This is a new frontier for Friendster, and one that I'm honestly thoroughly unfamiliar with. Still, for all of its faults, Friendster has and will always hold a special place in my dark, twisted heart.

.:What Were They Thinking: Part III!:.

I don't know if this is going to be regular or what, but let's face it: there always will be a ton of evidence whenever we get into discussions about boneheaded branding decisions.

Having said that, here's a pretty interesting article about making illegal streaming a felony. What's amusing about this is that the Electronic Frontier Foundation was being quoted as one of the bill's detractors, and I couldn't help but snigger when I realized what the acronym was actually spelling... what the EFF, indeed.

But even more amusing than that would have to be the fact that in a nod to the fact that many people want to have the benefits of liposuction but not its invasive nature, scientists far and wide have looked long and hard for alternative methods to really push us forward.

Enter BeloMed and her new patented product that she managed to license from very influential cosmetic surgeons abroad with the brand new...

Need I say anything more?

I guess you can't blame Dra. Belo because it's clearly a procedure that she licensed, so she just can't change the name at will. Nonetheless, it's hard not to imagine that someone was so cocksure about dicking around with all of us when they came up with this name. It's like it was meant to titillate or shaft everyone who didn't understand what was going on. They just had to poke fun at all of us.

Yes, I went there. I totally did. 'Cause I'm a classy guy like that.

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