Friday, February 21, 2003

Spoke to *jaded* yesterday. I guess she's pretty happy right now, and I'm happy for her.

As for me, Daddy Pete died last night. He's my stepdad's father, which makes him my step grandfather. He was comatosed due to a stroke, and it just happened. I'm glad my stepdad's taking it well. He was actually the one who asked me why I was sorry about it... it almost sounded as though he were joking.

God rest his soul.

As for me, I'm at this point where I'm depressed with no clear reason why. I mean, sure, SHE was prolly given the special Jim Paredes assignment by now, but it's not like I'm expecting SHE'd make a move to fix the problem. The same thing with another person. I've been giving ample time to people, and I'm still willing to, but I get the feeling that I get completely lost in the shuffle whenever I do. In HER case, she's been at it since November last year. It's not like she still has any clear reason to be mad at me, She's being plain bull-headed already. On the other hand, she doesn't seem to want to have anything to do with me anymore. By now, I'm not one to ask for recognition, but the mere fact that my good wishes still went unnoticed despite letting everyone else know she's grateful doesn't exactly spell good times ahead now, does it?

I actually watched all five episodes of New Angel. Am I the only person I know who gets all giddy over hentai (Of course, given the storyline. I don't think I'd get the least bit giddy with Urutsokodoji... and I've yet to see it. :laugh:)? It was fun to watch, and I trust Ato's taste in hentai all the more now, thanks to his recommendation of this particular title...

Viva Hot Babes? What? That's absobloodylutely piqued my curiosity now... you mean Viva ACTUALLY has hot babes? (I'm mean. I know.)

Ah, well. That's life. Parang buhay.

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