Friday, February 14, 2003

Happy Singles Awareness Day to all of you, jabronis! :big grin:

Yeah, yeah... maybe that's being a bit mean, but... ah, well. Even if I do have a girlfriend, you can't really fault me for having a lot of shattered illusions about love, anyway. I've been traumatized for years, and at the point where love works for me, it comes when I don't feel so "high" with it anymore. I guess all that stuff in Theology was right, then... love, true love, especially, is more of a plateau than a peak experience. When that plateau keeps on going for you, the small rises and crashes that are inevitable simply make you appreciate the relationship even more.

But I guess I'm still a bit jaded.

I have a lot to talk about, but I guess I'll do that when I have more time in my hands. I saw Sach today, and silly me forgot to ask her a few questions for my P.R. paper. Still, I hope she manages to read this, and I can talk to her about it a bit. On the other hand, I actually won tickets just early this morning. Yep, I was using a cell phone when I called Chico and Delle. I have a couple of tickets to Boyz II Men tonight that I may or may not end up using. Grac'es tickets for Freestyle and Side A are prolly not going to be used... Nonetheless, I'm pretty fine. It's a good day, and I'm smiling with my new purchase of Fire Pro Wrestling, which I am fairly satisfied with. The more cartridges I get, the less irritating the Alpha 3 problem (That of its not saving my games and options.) gets.

I dunno. We have debate training today. Big deal. I'm done debating for the schoolyear. I think I got to that point where I got so fed up with all the people who stopped having fun while debating. I wanted to keep that up, but I can't sustain it when people are too competitive. I'm just being realistic. Debating is not my bloody life. I've more to my life than that. Right now, I just want to fix a few problems that have turned up this schoolyear (Not just one or two, mind you.), and hopefully, the persons concerned are reading this (Although in HER case, that's not something I can expect. Only hope for. I don't think she'd read this if her life depended on it.).

My mom's leaving for the States today. Won't be seeing her for three weeks. I pray she'll be fine. I'm at a loss for words right now as far as she's concerned. That doesn't mean she isn't the first woman in my life... I love my mom, no matter how little bandwidth I dedicate to her... :smiles:

As for the top five... I was thinking of a Singles Awareness Day topic... (Acronym for that is S.A.D.? How... appropriate.) Hmm... this might be a negative topic. I'll be uppity and take out the "NOT" in my topic...

The Top Five Reasons (WORD OMITTED) To Celebrate Valentine's Day:
5. It's the perfect time na magpaputok. (Don't even ask me what that means. I don't know, either.)
4. Because it's just a commemoration of a dead saint. (From Sacha.)
3. Because times like these, you need a juicy. (Top one answer in the Morning Rush's first hour, care of Young Indie.)
2. Because tonight, it's eat-all-you-can. (Also from the Morning Rush.)
1. Love is love. If you can forget about romance, even if you're single and all, there's still hopefully some love in your heart.

How about it? Maybe I can solicit Top Five answers from you jabronis? Starting next week, I'd give the topic in advance... it's an Un-Contest, as Barron Vangor Toth would say. You get bragging rights, and not much else for the effort... :)

So there we are. A Happy S.A.D. to everyone!

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