Wednesday, February 26, 2003

I saw Daredevil, and I now owe you three reviews... :laugh:

I finally got Grace's bag. I took her to Eastwood, and she ended up being genuinely surprised, because she never expected me to do that for her. It's not like shopping is one of my favorite things to do...

Ah, well. I haven't much to say right now. I missed my grandfather's cremation, so this calls for a bit of trouble-shooting on my part. Wouldn't want to fall out of grace with my stepdad now, would I?

I'm telling you... it's uncanny. I thought my streak of meeting people I knew everywhere I went would be broken last night, but lo and behold, that wasn't the case. As I was taking Grace home, walking past Centerpoint, I ended up seeing two of my high school classmates who came from McDonald's. The chances of me meeting them were simply mind-boggling, as I conventionally would not have taken that route... it was pretty strange. I also saw John Estrada last night, but who cares? Nonetheless, I really think my streak has been going on since late last year. This is one for the books. :laughs again:

I'll talk some more next time. I'm working on my character for Franco's game. I think he has an idea what the basis for this character is...

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