Monday, September 01, 2003

Rather exciting weekend, I must say…

I went off to go training with Chico and Delle again this Saturday morning; but unfortunately, Chico was too drunk to go to work. That would’ve prolly been quite a sight, I’m sure. Nonetheless, Brad Turvey was there with us, and it was a pretty fun time for us. They were calling me Ertai again instead of Marcelle, and that was pretty cool with me, actually. Cherry called into the Call-In Hot 10, and Brad extended my greetings to her. Delle was insinuating something was going on between me and Cherry… hilarious.

In the last hour, I told Brad to invite one of the listeners who wanted to meet Chico and Delle to the TEA PARTY. The non-existent Tea Party. Delle was calling Brad evil, and that was a hoot when he passed on the blame to me, who never uttered a single word on air. Brad was ecstatic when the Chad Kroeger version was voted by the listeners as the better version of “Why Don’t You And I”, and I even got to say good-bye on the air. Heh. Any on-air bit really counts a whole of a lot to me…

I then went to my dentist after that, and it was followed by a lunch date with the family at Harbour City restaurant in Wilson. The food was great, and I really loved the three-way duck. I was stuffed with so much food by the time I was done, and it sure as Hades was wonderful. Nonetheless, I had to leave afterwards for a RAW Deal tournament, this time, Insurrexxtion legal. The tournament was great. Raymund Licup won for the first time in about a year, whilst Rob Vera came in second due to his paranoia which led to an uber-bad draw, containing THREE copies of “Not Today, Pal!”

I’ve been working on my RVD, then, and when Ralph and I tried to fight it out, it appeared as though my RVD was doing wonders against his Test deck: a kill in one turn. On the second game, I murdered The Game in yet another one-turn kill. On the third game, he went first, let me have my turn, THEN I killed him in one turn. Goodbye to that strategy, I suppose. It’s a little too risky for me to really rely on… two actions in a turn is a bit too dangerous to go along with. Nonetheless, it was a great run for my RVD deck, but the new version can only bring me better things.

Sunday? The Angelu film isn't showing yet. Boo!!! :)

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