Friday, February 04, 2005

.:Something Awful:. is one of the funniest websites I've ever seen. You really should check it out when you want a good laugh. Here's a snippet from one of their Comedy Goldmine articles on getting caught while doing it:

Many years ago when I was sixteen, I had a girlfriend. Her house was fairly large, and her bedroom was at one end of the house and the living room and her parents bedroom was at the other. I was over there one day, and I found myself in her bedroom, enjoying having her legs clenched around my head. Around my ears, so I couldn't hear a thing. Apparently she was having a fairly good time, because there was a lot of movement and bucking.

Then the movement and bucking stopped. I didn't, though, and eventually she started enjoying herself again.

After a while, she came, and after some positional change, so did I. Then she told me: her mum had walked in on us, said "Perhaps you should use the lock on your door, Tess," then about faced and walked out. That was bad enough, but apparently her mother told her father.

If having dinner with someone who knows I have clam face - her daughter's clam, what's more - wasn't bad enough, the father said "Steven doesn't need anything, I hear he ate earlier."

.:Today's Hot 10:.

Chico and Delle's Hot 10 today was "The Hot 10 weirdest things someone has said to you". For the first time in months, I got into the Hot 10, and I was even the top answer. In any case, my answer was a teacher entry and it shared the top spot with a couple other hilarious entries.

There were a few other funny entries about MRT's and relatives, though. I'll talk about that next time.

But first, my entry:

In high school, we were complaining to our Math teacher that it was so hot and the air conditioner wasn't working. At one point, he just got annoyed, and told us, "Eh di kutsarahin ninyo!"

And then, another guy's entry (His name escapes me.):

In college, our prof was feeling pretty lazy. So in order to check attendance, he just told the class, "Okay. Ganito na lang. Those who are absent, raise your hands."

And the killer entry:

During grade school for sex education, our teacher was asking us what the "m" word (for self-love) meant. A student raised his hand and said, "It's when you use objects to touch yourself."

The teacher panics, and says, "No! Don't use objects! Use your fingers!"

What a day...

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