Tuesday, February 15, 2005

No LSS for today... I'm too drained.

.:The Finger Of Shame:.

On the perpetrators of the Valentine's Day bombing at Ayala, Davao, and Gen San yesterday. Shame on you for doing these things. Don't even think for a moment you did it for some splendid cause or some other. You did it for yourselves. And then what?

Go to Hades, the lot of you.

.:A Promise To Review:.

I shall review This Blog, not just because it's a mission I decided to take part in for BlogShares, but also it's because the blog is really nice. At the same time, I do like her layout quite a bit... heh.

.:The Wave Of Hearts:.

Yesterday was *almost* a great day for me, as it was the Wave Of Hearts Valentine special for the station. I was on board all by my lonesome, so I got to play a lot of songs.

Guidlines for yesterday's playlist:

- Only slow songs. (Yay!)
- Alternate between Regular Playlist and Waveback Playlist (Double Yay!)

That being said, with no partner to monitor my uber-slow songs, I got away with playing stuff like "Hiding Inside Myself", "Without You", "In My Life", and all those really mushy songs that I just really love... the listeners had a blast, too.

One of the listeners actually found my real blog, while another called me up, and it felt weird. She was asking me about Michael Buble, and when I told her that we didn't have it on our playlist, she wondered why. I reminded her of the fact that we're an R and B station, and then she promptly called herself an "eediot". Thrice. And then she told me she was crushing on me and liked my voice a lot, and wished I was single...


Anyways, I then left the station after my lovely boardwork (Even quoted Trina B's song...), and then dropped off "My Sassy Girl" at JayBee's office. Not a bad day, really.

.:Divine Providence:.

As most of you know by now, someone in our house stole $105 from me. I am still hoping that I'd find that money, but Kathy has been such an angel to me, and given me an opportunity to recoup that money, and then some...

I owe you big time, Kath. Thank you very much...

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