Sunday, February 20, 2005

.:What The...?:.

Check this LINK. What a travesty!!!


These past few days revolved around meeting people for the most part, but other than that, nothing really big has been happening.

Met up with Dominique and Clair last Friday. It was fun for the most part, although tiring. It was some sort of E-Exhibit at Edsa Shang-rila. I was completely drained, and it was Sacha who suggested I meet up with these people. It sort of helped, I guess. Made a new acquaintance, all the same.

Met up with Krisette and Grace on Saturday to go DVD hunting. Grace and I then watched "My Wife Is A Gangster", but the DVD skipped at the end of the film, so I can't possibly review it... oh, well. Krisette wasn't in high spirits, either.

I'm so tired... when this coming week is over, I guess I can normalize...

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