Thursday, February 10, 2005

.:Blogging Next Time, But I Must Vituperate:.

My diskette is on the fritz, but the file is in my laptop at home.

Oh, we all heard it before. Blood runs thicker than water.

But she's not my flesh and blood.

She's my stepsister.

And she has been an annoying little bastich.

You see, there I was, watching a DVD in my brothers' room. She then decides to call up my stepdad as she wanted me out of the room. Two problems here:

1. That's not her room. What the eff does she care?
2. She also enters my room without my permission.

She apparently gets off on being so high and mighty and being the fault-finding committee of the family. Clearly, for her to look good, she has to make everybody else look bad first. How sad, really. The double standards are blatantly working to her favor, as she loves entering my parents' room, yet she throws a hissy fit when I do as though she owned the room.

I'm sorry, but I wasn't the one who stole my aunt's wallet, or my classmate's cellphone for people to worry about me doing something crazy when I enter other people's room.

To catch a thief, one has to think like a thief, neh?

Even more annoying is when she tells me to not use the cordless phone when I'm downstairs because it could "damage" the phone.

Guess what? The next day, she's in the dining room, using the cordless phone, while eating.

Just because you're the stepdad's eldest daughter does not mean you're older than I am, or more responsible than I am. Every single thing you do hinges on your desire to please your dad, not because you want to do it. You know that he'll be there to catch you when your miserable little life falls apart, and that's why you continue to do what he tells you to.

Your double standards go so well with your two faces.

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