Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Coherence!!! Yeah!

.:Today's LSS:.

Heart Of Mine
by Bobby Caldwell

One day I may find true love that will last forever and ever
Till then I'll spend a lifetime wishing us together
I never thought she'd say goodbye
And I'll never understand the reason why

Heart of mine
How will you keep from dying
Stop reminiscing
Who is she kissing
Heart of mine
Oh what's the use in trying
No one can mend you know

Oh love plays cruel games
I can't believe she'd found another to love her
Does she miss me?
Sometime I just can't help but wonder
If I could stop the hands of time
Then I'd know she'd always be forever mine


.:Extreme Wrestling:.

There's something incredibly insane about watching wrestlers completely destroy themselves in and out of the ring. For a “sport” that people love to dismiss as “fake”, the entire premise of having two men inside the ring not pull punches and really go out of their way to hurt their opponent is quite a sight to see.

Not that I'm sadistic or anything, really, but when I saw the Rob Van Dam vs. Sabu stretcher match, I was just impressed by it, to say the least. The entire match hinged on the fact that these two men would take the sickest chair bumps I've ever seen, as I had this sickening feeling that their steel chairs were probably not the same as the WWE's, i.e. the chairs definitely seemed even more painful to have connecting with your skull than usual. Especially if someone like Sabu threw it at your face, and you don't even try to block it.

But chair shots and sick bumps aren't the only thing that can be “extreme” about wresting. While a good chunk of the wrestling high-flyers are nothing more than glorified spotfest machines, some guys like AJ Styles, Paul London, Petey Williams, and Low-Ki really know how to tell a story in the ring and use the spotfests as they were as a way to escalate the story.

I saw an ROH match between Styles and London, and I was definitely impressed by the psychology employed in the match that made their draw ending just completely credible. Makes you wonder why London was never used well in the WWE except maybe for one or two feuds, and why he's still not being used well to this day.

On the other hand, a triple threat match between Williams, Styles, and Chris Sabin just made my jaw drop. I haven't seen much of Sabin to pass judgment, but the fact that Petey Williams currently has one of the most devastating-looking finishers I've ever seen in recent years (Next only to Hurricane's Vertebreaker.) kind of makes me more biased towards his in-ring performance in that match. When all three guys started hitting their finishers on one another, you just knew that the match was headed for an exciting conclusion.

The third match that really made me stop and stare was the short but brilliant Low-Ki vs. Amazing Red match where the latter debuted. While I tend to regard Red as little more than a spot machine, Low-Ki is different. His kicks look sick, his finisher looks really devastating, and he can do chain grappling, such as the time he did a double underhook suplex and then rolled into a Dragon Wing submission hold.

With the impending transfer of NWA-TNA to Spike TV and the WWE's return to the USA Network, I can only hope that TNA would give the WWE enough competition for the latter to actually step up. They've been resting on their laurels for far too long already, in my opinion. Time to shake the industry up.

.:I Needed That!:.

I'm getting hosting duties for Nescafe on Saturday. While that would mean that I'm not going to be present for the entirety of the big WAVE party “The Gathering”, the Nescafe event has a budget. I need every bit of help I can get, to be honest, so this is very much appreciated...

.:Short Meetings:.

I met up with Pomelo the other day, and she was a bit worried because we had to take a bus since the MRT was under repair while we were in line at the station.

The bus ride was rather eventful, if only for the fact that she never took a bus to Cubao before, so it was kind of something new for her. She was extremely nervous, as she was afraid her parents would get angry if she got home late. But then again, she had no choice, as the bus wasn't exactly the epitome of express transportation...

So I had to placate her while I was seeing her off...

Marcelle: Don't be panicky. You're a human being, not a bat.

Now, if you actually got that, then you're about as effing corny as I am. :P

.:That’s Just Wrong!:.

So I was watching “Beat The Geeks” the other day, and I was impressed upon hearing this from the TV geek: “I know more about the Brady Bunch than you know about your own family.”

That’s sheer brilliance.

I am, however, disturbed by the Playboy Geek’s introduction to himself: “I know Playboy covers, centerfolds, and Playmates like the back of my hand. And I know the back of my hand very well.”

That my friends, just sounds so wrong on so many levels.

.:Horribly Misconstrued:.

So I was at the Comic Book Resources forums, and someone was asking about Frank Miller’s take on Batman in “All-Star Batman And Robin, the Boy Wonder”, where the Bat was bordering on psychotic, and even kills cops. He was also labeled as someone who beat up kids. Asked to expound, a poster replied…

He slapped Dick a couple of times.

I promptly replied to that…

How utterly horrible! How could he? To think that… oh. You meant Grayson. My bad.

I leave it to your imagination what I thought I read…

.:Happy Birthdays:.

My brother celebrated his birthday yesterday, my mom tomorrow. May they enjoy their birthdays.

My brother was smart. He asked our grandparents for an I-Pod.

I asked for something I needed, not wanted. But when I can breathe already, maybe I’d ask for an I-Pod. Or a Digital Camera. Or a scanner.

For now, what I got from my grandparents was something I sorely needed… and I’m very grateful to them for that.

I-Pods can wait. But Lotuses, Moxen, and Time Walks can’t. ;)

.:The Suman Post Makes A Comeback...:.

Sweet Somethings
an Essay

The Chinese character for “teacher” and “handsome/gorgeous” is only different by a dash on top of the right hand symbol for teacher. That being said, for me to know this, a Chinese girl had to point out the comparison, neh? ;)

And one of the sweetest things I've ever heard in my life would have to be, “If you were a process, you're eating up more than 50% of my CPU time already. In terms of multithreading, you're a powerful thread process that can interrupt all other threads!”

Who says geekiness and romance can't go together? Tell that to the Movie Geek, who has something going on with Tiffany Bolton in the show...

Another awfully sweet thing I've heard would have to be, “You said that I'm you're angel. You're my angel, too! Problem is, we only have one wing each. If that is so, we need to embrace each other in order for us to fly into the sky.”

You see, in a world where cynicism has taken such an important role in the world, there's nothing quite like a bit of mush to carry us through. Sweet nothings that you hear, whether or not they're directed at you, can, to an open mind, make your day.

And if sweet nothings are cool, what about sweet somethings?

I have a sweet tooth, truth be told, and one of the sweetest things that I can eat that doesn't make me feel too scared of diabetes would have to be Suman with just the right amount of brown sugar. Suman is an amazing delicacy, considering how rice-crazy this country is, and well, that's something. A sweet something.

Have a great Suman Wednesday! =D

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