Monday, September 19, 2005

Weekend Recap

Let's skip today's LSS. Maybe tomorrow. When I've had some sleep...

.:Nothing To Write About Lately:.

Considering my awkward sleeping habits, I've been finding it very hard to find anything to write about. After all, there's very little going on in my life outside of work and sleep. There's so little room for philosophizing, for that matter.


I'm just stuck in such a rut as of late... I wish the pace would pick up soon enough. I really miss finding all sorts of inspiration to write and blog about anything and everything...


I am officially a fan of “Beat The Geeks”, and the website Jump The Shark.

I love the former if only for the movie geek, who reminds me soooo much of Severus Snape, and secondly, the TV geek, who reminds me of Fat Bastard of Austin Powers fame. Amusingly enough, I never realized Tiffany was actually a semi-porn star of sorts… amusing, really.

Of course, I don’t think Jack TV is showing the second season of the show… that’s all right. I don’t think I’d ever like the new host, anyways.

But yeah, I love this show, but I just blinked at the _PLAYBOY_ geek. Man, you just gotta be pretty shameless to admit to that…

.:Reconnection Again:.

It's been a while since I talked to Madame Sky. I guess that's mainly because she's often busy when she's online, and when she's not busy, I'm not even online to begin with.

Nonetheless, I'm glad we got to talk to each other, if only for a while. The change in her is just so clear, to be honest. I can't begin to imagine how much happier her aura has been as of late, and that's just great for her.

Topics we talked about ranged from the most mundane to the most humorous to the most introspective. I guess when you get to talk to someone after ages of being incommunicado, there really are a lot of stories to tell. Heh.

.:Sacha, The Motivational Typer:.

I'm not always the most pessimistic of people when it comes to my hopes and aspirations. Nonetheless, with all the crazy things I've been going through the past couple of months, I guess I'd have to admit that it's all been very distressing.

That being said, I ran into Sacha while she was online last Friday morning. It was quite interesting, really. I've been so much of a loner for so long that it kind of disorients me when I find someone who's not my girlfriend refusing to take “I give up” as answer from me. She was so persistent in getting me to think positively that she probably would've beaten the optimism out of me if she had the chance. =P

This is not to say that she was doing something wrong. Quite the opposite in fact. While I was there, forgetting to look at the options I still had and instead opting to just seethe in frustration, Sacha was on the other side of the globe trying to ram some sense into my head.

And she's right. My friends are right. I can make it through this hurdle.

I guess that's why Sacha is my best friend... for the longest time, it always seemed that it never happened that both of us would be depressed at the same time. It was always one ready and able to cheer up the other, come what may. And I can't help but appreciate that double coincidence time and again.

Thanks, Sach. I guess I just really needed to be reminded that things aren't as bad as I sometimes make them out to be.

.:Meeting Up:.

I took the time out to see Pomelo before the weekend, and it was just a very short meeting. Despite that, I guess you might say that the both of us were really happy because of it.

Gyn and I don't know each other that well. We aren't best of friends. The one thing that is going for us is that we love each other so much. I know that it can get a bit annoying to keep on hearing the same thing over and over and over again, but I really am into her. It's an incredible feeling, and the more time we spend with each other, the more we deepen the relationship into something that could last.

For every single reason she gives me to give up on this relationship, she gives me a million other reasons to hold on. How could I not be so happy with her?

I guess the only problem, at the end of the day, is how absent-minded we both are. We've forgotten to take pictures with each other for the past three or four times we've met! =P

To think I'm the archivist who remembers all the important dates... Lol. I guess I'm just getting a bit too senile for my age... I should really be a professor then, dammit! =P

.:I'm Amused:.

Apparently, sir Chaps didn't fix my laptop. It just... err... fixed itself for no apparent reason. Well, that's all good with me. Hehehe.

.:On A Roll:.

I've been figuring pretty decently in tournaments as of late. I guess that's really great, considering how much of a difference being powered should be.

I won't write a tournament report this time, but I must say that it was a fun tournament. Death Long really ran circles around a good chunk of those decks... heh.

.:Cheap Living:.

Being a DJ and receiving the occasional gift certificate can actually help cut costs. Every now and then, eating noodles could be an excellent alternative to buying a full meal. Drinking a lot of water can actually make you a lot fuller than you think... heh.


Met up with Dom since he was in town, and I haven't done that in quite a while. He looks to be pretty okay, and I guess that's good for him...

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