Thursday, September 29, 2005

Quick Update...


Pomelo managed to catch the TV program yesterday, which was particularly amusing, as she has probably never seen me doing the stuff that I did there, much less the stuff Kathy and Krisette pulled off.

During the afternoon, the two of us met up and I just had to show her my Dance Maniax skillz. It's been ages since I last played, but I haven't lost a beat. If anything, my transition of moves has gotten rather smoother. Heh.

She was telling me that I was very flexible.

Flattering, except it wasn't in the context I was hoping for... ;)

Isn’t it funny how you can have someone mean the world to you, yet also be the one to give meaning to your world?

.:Random Funny Thoughts:.

- The Nintendo DS slogan? “Touching is good.”
- I walked into Shangri-la today, and the security check is separate for men and women. A man walks into the women segment. The male guard gamely quips, “Nakalimutan ni sir kung ano siya!” eliciting laughs from everyone in the area.

.:Who Am I To Say No?:.

In my boardwork, I was getting lots of calls and greetings from all the people. It was something I definitely appreciated, and I'd like to thank everyone who remembered my birthday. I got greetings from friends and family and even some of the listeners.

One greeting that stood out though was when I got a caller who was asking for “Reward” by Jay Durias and South Border. He later called a second time and greeted me.

The caller? Jay Durias of South Border.

Who'm I to say “no” to a guy like that? I am honored. Seriously, I am.

.:Dropping In:.

After my boardwork, I went up to the 17th floor to meet up with Chico and Delamar, and their first news program was about giant squids, which I found hilarious. Apparently, the Pump Magazine ad they had where their slot was supposedly from 8-10 was a typo.

Sarah was there, and so was Jose, the guy with the same timeslot as I do. It was really cool talking to them, especially with Jose, whose timeslot meant he can relate to a lot of the woes I get, such as having a caller actually say “motherf***ers” on the air. Yeah, nice guy, who seems to really be appreciative of WAVE, but that guy who calls himself “Ladies' Man” definitely could've avoided using that expletive live... heh.

It was pretty cool to be there again after all this time. I guess I just had to drop by the guys who made it possible to even want to be in radio in the first place. Every single time I feel that radio isn't for me, Chico and Delamar are the guys who would remind me by sheer example of how much I really love the industry. These two inspired me to get into radio, and even trained me way back in Radio 1. But everyone knows that by now.

Not to be outdone, I definitely owe sir Joe the Mango for actually taking a chance with me. Here I was, a relative unknown (And still a relative unknown.) in radio, and yet he gave me a shot and even put me on the morning show. No matter how many times I'd gripe about my work in WAVE, you never heard me say a single bad thing about sir Joe in all of my entries about my work.

I don't have to be a legend in radio like Chico and Delle or Joe the Mango. Simply being in this industry for me is more than enough already, as I have been doing my best from day one to earn my keep.

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