Thursday, September 22, 2005


.:Sheer Idiocy:.

My Flashdisk fell off its cap from my necklace. There goes a 256MB flashdisk, and 1,600 pesos. Just what I needed. Yet another financial setback.

I'm very miffed about it, because I could've avoided this from happening had I been a bit smarter and I simply kept my flashdisk in my pocket, but nooooo...

.:At Long Last:.

Had a very amusing meeting with Kathy last night, as she was simply beside herself with joy over the prospect of going to Siargao next Thursday...

Nonetheless, I'll be on TV next Wednesday, if all goes well. Check either Studio 23 or ABS-CBN. Kathy will be there, as will I to demonstrate street performing. That should be pretty interesting.

After we finished the short meeting and after Kathy bragged about the fact that she's been wearing a dress the past few days, we then left and met up with Clair, Charo, and JM. JM was supposed to strike up a deal with Clair about wearing skirts. Kathy and Charo then teamed up to persuade JM into waxing and maybe even having some silicone. Heh. Clair then said something that sounded just plain wrong which completely escapes me, sadly...

After Kathy left, we then hoofed our way to the MRT, and Clair was completely clueless as Charo was talking to her about sausages, and Clair said she wasn't too fond of them.

I promptly quipped: Poor JM.

Charo and one of Clair's college friends was laughing their heads off while Clair just stood there, dumbstruck. The topic then shifted to games, and how Charo's then-boyfriend refused to let her win while playing.

I then turned to Clair again. Don't worry, Clair. I'm sure JM will be nice when he plays with you. He'll let you come out on top some of the time, and some of the time, he'll come out on top.

Clair never looked more clueless. Lol.


Swung by Eastwood today to get my busted flashdisk so I can have it replaced... it was pretty amusing when that happened, since I met up with Ranulf, who showed off the improvements on Away Agila. He apparently edited the voices so they'd be faster and in time with the moves. Furthermore, the action is now slicker and the hitboxes are better-placed.

I noticed how they made my voice smaller, though.

Marcelle: Ron, any faster, and my voice would sound like a Chipmunk!

Ranulf: Well, yes. But Sacha, on the other hand...

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

.:Opportunity Rings. It Doesn't Knock:.

I got a caller who wanted to talk to me about possibly getting me as a host for TGI Friday's. That's a very nice little sideline if I could nail the job. I'm just hoping the deal would fall through, because if I got that, then I can get kickstarted into the hosting circuit, and I'd be doing a lot better financially...

Yay. I guess taking callers isn't always horrible. Another caller was a musician who wanted to drop by the station to have me listen to his songs... that sounds pretty cool...

A mixed bag. That's what I got. It's all good, though...

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