Thursday, September 01, 2005

Prelude To Normalization

.:The Radio Rumble August-September Archive:.

Who would win in a fight between:

1. Thor vs. Superman?
2. Wonder Woman vs. Darna?
3. Britney Spears vs. Christina Aguilera?
4. Jet Li vs. Steven Seagal?
5. (Retro Question) Bruce Lee vs. Muhammad Ali?

Do tell me what you think... heh.

.:Blogging Ought To Be Normal Again Soon, EXCEPT...:.

Something seems to be wrong with my USB Flashdisk! For some reason, the disk isn't being read when it's inserted in the port. I don't know what happened, but it sure makes me feel particularly horrible. I shelled out 750 pesos on this thing, and I can't just help but feel shortchanged if it's no longer working or something...

Do they do repairs of these things? I'm particularly distressed over the fact that it's not working right now... gahh...

I am miffed. Having my USB Flashdisk conk out on me like this is the last thing I wanted to happen... damn...


Finally got a chance to meet up with JM and Clair, although they've already had dinner. It was pretty interesting, but nothing particularly ground-breaking. I guess I'm just glad I finally got to move in and I don't have a problem anymore with a place to sleep. That's a good thing, I suppose, as it certainly makes me less and less apprehensive about things. Still, there're a lot of financial woes that are all over me right now, particularly considering how there's still no word if I made it past the test in GMA-7. Oh, well...

1 comment:

Canadian coming to Manila said...

Easy Questions Marcelle

1. Superman...I think he can handle a few hammers coming his way.

2. Ummm...don't know who Darna is, but Wonder Woman could beat me anyday.

3. Aguilera....she's got the Skank Factor....dirty girls are always more tough.

4. Jet Li...c'mon...Seagal is fat and old...if you see any of his recent movies they only shoot him from the waist up and he only moves his arms.

5. Muhammed Ali....master of the rope-a-dope....Lee would get so warn out he'd slip back into coma.